slutty gf

  1. Hottestteenslut

    Sharing my gf's pics and slutty past with her exes, let me know what you think.

    this is my girlfriend mya below is more pics (with nudes) and I wanna share stories shes told me as well as some of her pic. (All story's take place before we were dating even though I wish they took place while we were dating) Story 1: she had sex with an ex behind a church at around 9:30pm...
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    My gf
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    fucking my tight pussy before bed :)
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    Come home with me :)
  5. Norwaysense

    Meet me and my ex (now back together again). From Norway

    Hey from Norway! I have been a lurker here for some time and have really enjoyed the forum and all the posts that are opened for freebies like me (I`m not anymore, though). My ex and I have just gotten together after we hooked up not long ago while she was in a new relationship. The excitement...
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    torture her clit.mp4