1. Evenmarcus9 is trying to turn me on!

    Evenmarcus9 is trying to turn me on!

    She is a real slut!
  2. best ass 037.AVI

    best ass 037.AVI

    Love her tight ass
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  4. N

    Trading slutwife fakes/tributes

    Hey guys, I have quite the collection of cum, cock, jerk tributes, excellent quality fakes, and captions of my slutwife. I'd love to trade and share with other cucks who have collections of their cum dump wives. Dm me Always seeking tributes and fakes as well! I also do tributes but only for...
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  6. Hotwife Call

    Hotwife Call

    Google Meeting between wife & friend and me.
  7. IMG_0147.MOV


    Dripping wet
  8. uhsecret

    Stud for the wife

    Looking for an online stud to play with my wife, she is early 30’s, into fit guys with big arms. She hasn’t been shared yet, we are looking for someone to play online, and if you hit things off then long term/meet up options in future. Please send pictures or have post history for her to look over.
  9. R

    Chubby slutwife for share and play

    A couple of pictures for example.
  10. Blowjob


    A blowjob to begin with
  11. BBQs Ass

    BBQs Ass

    From a BBQ with friends, we were in doubt about showing the ass but not the a cartoon filter solved the dilemma, lol.
  12. 31790A23-0AE3-48AA-ACF9-F1228BCAE8B0.jpeg


  13. IMG_1804.jpeg



    Jennifer’s wet pussy - turn up volume
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    Horny too much. Sluts and cuckolds dm
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    Lets see those Valentines Day outfits!

    Valentines Day is coming up soon! Lets see your wives in their Vday outfits or maybe the outfit you bought for her!
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  18. laptop 105.AVI

    laptop 105.AVI

  19. IMG_7115.png


    My wife loves to send me pics after her ex stops by
  20. Cowgirl POV

    Cowgirl POV

    A picture testimonial.