sperm donation

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    Bull and my wife
  2. Without a condom

    Without a condom

    He fucks her in front of me at first with and then without a condom and he cums in her pussy at the end. It's true that natural is better than latex
  3. B

    Real Breeding - Is it possible to find a couple into it?

    Looking for advice here. After 10+ years in the lifestyle I feel I've cracked the code in how to meet a great couple for an amazing connection. But there's one fantasy I've been unable to fulfill despite many years of searching. And all this time searching has only made that desire grow...
  4. hubbys married  friend kevin wants to seed me !

    hubbys married friend kevin wants to seed me !

    my husband wants his friend to cum inside me as i am a pregnancy risk but im ok with that !
  5. Achilles_The_Bull

    [M4F/MF/FF] 35yo Greek bull for good time or sperm donation.

    I am single male from Greece, i can be gentle and rough , passionate or dominating , i travel but not very often, usually for business trip. i would love to help couples and single females with their pregnancy risk fetish or real pregnancy so PM/DM me if you need help and want more info.