1. W

    My first time sharing

    We were just a few weeks into relationship, when my girlfriend told me that she would have to cancel her upcoming get-together with an old boyfriend of hers, as he was untrustworthy. They had broken up five years earlier, but were still good friends. His job was to promote soccer in America and...
  2. Italian Man

    Your WIFE Creampie

    Show your wives, your girlfriends with you and your bulls
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    My wige taking my hot load after 2 of my buddies busted their nut down her throat
  4. P

    Wife is addicted to cum

    I'm pretty sure this is going to be way off topic when I read other's experiences. About a year ago we began playing a bit with a fairly restricted group of men - all known to me. But my wife quickly became way less interested in the sex and almost addicted to just having someone ejaculate...