1. efromv


  2. S

    Enjoy others knowing?

    I enjoy others knowing about my cage, it really excited me. But not directly telling others, but by showing. I enjoy people noticing because of an "accidental flash", proudly wearing it in a public nude situation (sauna, shower, beach) or by signaling with a jewelry key on my wife's necklace...
  3. P

    Looking for a sexy friend to help with SPH for my husband

    I’m looking for a sexy female who likes to engage in SPH! Egg me on to make fun of my husbands small dick. I want someone who is engaging, detailed and honest! The more humiliation the better! Willing to use Kik or Snapchat but open to ideas.
  4. M

    Small penis humiliation

    I have a pathetic little micro maggot dick and want a group of ladies to laugh and humiliate me while I stand infront of them