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    my sexy&slutty teasing hotwife
  3. Z

    Asian wife sex in nude pantyhose

    Video of wife's dance instructor fucking her, cropped for wife and bull's privacy. My wife does this little thing where she curls and flexes her toes when she getting fucked, which drives me crazy. Does that turn any of you guys on?
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    Friday night out for the wife

    A quick check on the wife before she heads out,stockings and suspenders and nice panties,yes everything in order. Would you chat her up? Perhaps you'd notice her suspender bumps under her dress would you like to feel them? I'll be fast asleep when she comes home I wonder if I should stay up to...
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    Pics from VA Beach Hotel
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    My wife wants to make you hard!
  10. alaniasweet

    Some captions or tributes for bride?

  11. S

    Love to see Tribs and Captions of my wife

    She is shared and loves being with much bigger guys. I dont get to really be with her anymore i mostly just jerk off and watch
  12. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Saturday night shenanigans.

    She said she wanted us to stay at her home this evening. I guess looking absolutely divine like this, I have no complaints with staying at her place. Saturday evening shenanigans in full force. Who else wants to spend their evening with her?
  13. alaniasweet

    In a hotel room

  14. alaniasweet

    Alania & red fishnet stockings

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  16. friend is about to get what he's been workin for.png

    friend is about to get what he's been workin for.png

    My nasty little wife get things going without me sometimes ,she loves being treated and told she's a nasty little slut by strangers on the phone, this guy knew how to "push her buttons" she lubes her pussy and it devours her favorite dildo!
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    Asian hotwife first playdate

    Quite a lot has happened since my last update. We finally had our first real life cuckolding experience! First some context. My wife started taking tango lessons at the gym downstairs for the past 2-3 months, she found a private instructor who teaches at a local art/dance university, he's young...
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    Show Off Your Wife In Stockings!!!

  19. Z

    Asian wife Bunny outfit and stockings

    My absolute favorite outfit for my wife, we rarely fuck in it though, she doesn't like me ripping her even when we do, it doesn't feel very spontaneous, since in the heat of the moment, i have to pause and peel them off of her legs gently. So usually she would just give me a...
  20. Blowjob and rough sex

    Blowjob and rough sex

    Blowjob and rough sex