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  1. Wife takes multiple strangers creampies

    Wife takes multiple strangers creampies

    A night out at clubs found my wife back at our hotel where she got all her holes filled as the guys took turns fucking her bareback and emptying their loads in her pussy. At the end of the night, she took seven different men and all their loads.
  2. Two Men at our Campsite

    Two Men at our Campsite

    I got to enjoy two very hot men while my husband and I were camping. It was very unplanned and both the guys gave me their loads before they left.
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    If you may understand what is fully trust between partners: This was the first time in our swinger lifestyle, that Maike never saw the partner. Only saw what he looked like after we ended up 3 times.... she still say today, that her imagination during all that time was the best adrenaline ever.
  4. bbw wife sheriann taking a different load of cum from stranger !

    bbw wife sheriann taking a different load of cum from stranger !

    my slutty wife went out to a bar after shopping had a few drinks brought him home to play !
  5. phoenix98186

    Charles Town Weekend III

    My wife, a friend, and I spent a weekend in Charleston Races in West Virginia. We have been fucking all weekend and it is now Sunday morning. We only have half a day left, but intend to enjoy it as much as possible. The next morning, the three of us woke shortly before eight in the morning. I...
  6. Grandhomme

    Will my wife let the man from the pub inside her tonight>

    Fingers crossed that in an hour or so a guy I've become friends with in the pub will come round to our house unknown to my wife. My friend who she fucks in front of me most weekends is due here before the pub guy and knows all about it. Wish me luck as I want the pub guy to fill my wife's cunt...