Charles Town Weekend III


Jun 14, 2019
Washington D.C.
My wife, a friend, and I spent a weekend in Charleston Races in West Virginia. We have been fucking all weekend and it is now Sunday morning. We only have half a day left, but intend to enjoy it as much as possible.

The next morning, the three of us woke shortly before eight in the morning. I slid out of bed while Alex and Sarah were still moaning about the time. I wanted top ensure we were able to enjoy some fun time before we had to check out of the hotel. Sarah and Alex eventually made their way to the bathroom as I made coffee for all of us. I could hear the water running and Sarah giggling, so I knew they would be taking another shower together.

I waited until I heard Sarah moaning to open the bathroom door. Alex had Sarah against the wall kissing her neck and running his hands along her waist. I sat on the countertop across from the glass incased shower and watched as Alex was turning my wife on. Sarah had her hand between her legs strumming her clit with her finger as Alex was teasing her.

Sarah: “Please just fuck me already.”

Alex: “Oh I will.”

I loved watching Alex tease her. I knew it would be any moment before he slid his monster inside of her. Alex looked right at me and smiled as he was rubbing his mushroom head against her pussy lips. He thrust forward and was inside her. She began to moan and played with her clit even faster. Alex pulled almost all the way out then pushed in again to the hilt and Sarah moaned even louder. He began to pump his dick into my wife’s pussy with a steady rhythm. She was running her fingers along her clit so fast I knew it would be soon. I stood up and took my shorts off, and held my now hard dick in my hand. I was stroking slowly as Sarah began to orgasm. It was erotic watching her body tremble as Alex kept using her pussy to please himself. All of a sudden, Alex pulled out and Sarah complained. He turned her so she was up against the glass facing me. I smiled as Sarah looked right into my eyes and Alex slid behind her. I knew it had to be tight in there because she was right up against the glass. I could tell when Alex entered her again because she grunted and smiled so big. Sarah was pushed up against the glass of the shower with her titts flattened. She just kept looking right into my eyes as Alex fucked her. I stepped closer and started talking to my wife.

Me: “You like his dick baby? Is it stretching your pussy out?”

Sarah: “Oh baby. His dick is so big. He makes me cum every time. You want to see his cum dripping out of me baby? You want Alex to use my pussy up? He’s cumming in my pussy baby! He’s going to fill me up then you can lick it out baby!”

I started to shoot my load all over the glass in front of her as Alex was reaching his crescendo. I leaned back on the countertop as Alex came in my wife’s pussy. I love watching men cum in my wife. It turns me on so fucking much.

Sarah: “Oh god baby, I can feel him cumming in my pussy. It’s so much. Oh fuck I’m cumming again.”

I was stroking myself as Sarah had another small orgasm with Alex’s shrinking dick in her. He slowly pulled out and I thought Sarah was going to collapse on the shower floor. She leaned against the wall now and let the water run down her back. I wet a washrag and cleaned off the cum from my hands and dick then went to the room to sit on the bed.

They cleaned each other off as I laid on the bed. I felt the bed shift as Sarah and Alex laid down beside me. Sarah asked what we were going to do with the last couple of hours we had with the room, and I suggested we just play until it was time to go. Alex laughed and said he would need a couple minutes to recuperate.

I got up and pushed Sarah further on the bed. I leaned between her legs and began to kiss my way up her thighs. I enjoyed her light moans and her fingers running through my hair. I licked my way up her pussy lips until I got to her clit. I circled it with my tongue teasing her as I always do. I was hoping she would taste even vaguely of Alex, but instead tasted of fresh soap and a shower. I pulled her pubic mound back exposing her clit from the clit hood and pressed my tongue flat against her pleasure button. I flicked my tongue back and forth as she pushed her pussy into my face.

“Yes right there. Keep doing that baby. You’re going to make me cum. Yeah baby. Oh yes.”

I felt her thighs squeezing my head as she began to orgasm. I do this thing where when I feel her orgasming hit it’s peak I pull back and tease her outer lips until she calms down then go right back to the clit again. I managed to pull this off and she began to ramp up again orgasming a second time. I slid off of her and sat back in the chair in the room.

Alex was laying across the bed watching Sarah coming down from her high, and I saw he was surprised I was able to make her cum twice in a row. She looked over at me and said something that caught me off guard.

“Baby, you got me ready again, but what about Alex? Maybe you should get him ready too.”

I saw he was already semi-erect and figured what the hell. I knelt down in front of him and took his dick between my lips. Running my mouth over his shaft trying to get as much as I could into my throat. I attempted to open my throat up but gagged a little as he went deeper. I felt his hand on my head too, but unlike Sarah, he was pushing my head down farther on his dick. I worked him as fast as I could running my tongue along his shaft and taking as much as I could.

“Baby, I didn’t know you sucked dick so good. You’re giving me a run for my money. It’s so hot watching you suck Alex. We are going to have to do this more. Don’t finish him though. I want that cum.”’

I felt my cock harden almost immediately, so Sarah talking dirty was making my dick throb. I also knew if I continued that Alex was going to explode so I pulled off him and leaned back on my legs. He smiled down at me and had a look of hunger on his face. He told Sarah to get off the bed for a second and laid down himself. He had Sarah sit on his dick and told me to lick her pussy as he fucked her. I was so excited.

Sarah slid down on Alex and groaned as she ground her pussy on his dick. I laid across the bed and began to lick her clit as she slid along his length. I made sure to lick on his cock at the same time knowing that’s what he wanted. I was resting my head on his abs as I licked my wife’s pussy and Alex was pushing my head against his dick and Sarah’s pussy. She began to move faster and was pounding against his dick with her hands on his chest. I couldn’t keep up anymore and was about to move when Alex spoke up.

Alex: “Keep your head there and watch as I cum in your wife again.”

I could feel her fucking him with my head where it was. I was getting more turned on with every second of watching this. I could feel her arms near me as she was rubbing his chest and riding him.

Sarah: “Alex you’re going to make me cum. Oh fuck! Just like that!”

Alex: “After I fuck you I’m going to have Ray ride my dick too.”

That was all it took for Sarah and she began to orgasm right in front of my eyes. I was very concerned and turned on because I don’t take dick in the ass nor do I fuck guys. However, I couldn’t argue with how hard Sarah was cumming. She was slowing down and gently riding his dick breathing heavy. Once she calmed down, Sarah dismounted Alex and laid down next to him. I went and sat back in the chair and started to slowly stroke my dick again.