wife sharing

  1. TheDude90

    Wife wants a BWC in Grand Rapids, Michigan?.. She has SPAM

    My wife is looking to be dominated and pounded into submission..
  2. W

    The first step towards sharing your wife

    Husbands willingly share their wives for many reasons. Some desire to approach bisexuality, without actually touching it. These husbands take great vicarious delight in watching their wives please another man's cock. Other husbands hope to perform a preemptive strike of sorts; knowing that their...
  3. H

    New, interested and wanting to learn more about wife sharing

    Hi. I’m new to all this. Have stumbled across my own interest in Hotwife LS. I just found myself always watching Hotwife videos I have not yet delved into it as of yet. I also find vandalism as an incredible turn on to me. Do all the guys here have partners that know they are being exposed? I...
  4. Shower Talk

    Shower Talk

  5. Look Him In The Eyes

    Look Him In The Eyes

  6. Friend Using Wife

    Friend Using Wife

  7. Big Black Dick

    Big Black Dick

  8. Who Wants to Go First

    Who Wants to Go First

  9. Wife Watching

    Wife Watching

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  11. #2 A Wish.gif

    #2 A Wish.gif

  12. #1 Wish.gif

    #1 Wish.gif

  13. # 1 A Wish.gif

    # 1 A Wish.gif

  14. Best Thing Ever!.gif

    Best Thing Ever!.gif

  15. Dirty Talk 2.gif

    Dirty Talk 2.gif

  16. Blowjob Watching.gif

    Blowjob Watching.gif

  17. Isso.mp4


    Part I
  18. C

    Wife finds black man to fuck her

    While i would be fucking my wife i would talk dirty to her about fucking a black man this went on for a couple of months till one day she said to me that she found someone she was a server at dennys in Ypsilanti on midnight shift this caught me off guard and i came in 1 min in her pussy well she...
  19. phoenix98186

    Wedding Day Bliss

    It was the morning of our wedding, and we were separated in dressing rooms at the opposite end of a small building. We had both been in our rooms for about an hour and I was already dressed. Mike and Jon were in the room with me watching the football game while waiting for our time to walk down...
  20. phoenix98186

    Charles Town Weekend IV

    There is a 10,000 character limit so I had to break the last day of our weekend into 2 posts. Read Charles Town Weekend III first to see the beginning of the day. That was all it took for Sarah and she began to orgasm right in front of my eyes. I was very concerned and turned on because I...