wife sharing

  1. C

    A little backround on how she got to fucking shy guys

    For our 15 years of marriage J has tickled the good parts in my pants and mind. I have had a nagging fantasy of sharing her with a guy. She knows of my fantasy and tells me "you're nutz". J on the other hand has a need to help what she sees as socially limited guys. She tried all sorts of...
  2. Share your dear wife.mp4

    Share your dear wife.mp4

  3. Libertineleb

    Sharing my wife

    We have been in the hotwife lifestyle for about 2 years now we have been through several threesomes wife swap and some parties a glory hole once I couldn't imagine how slutty my wife is , she is very shy and hesistant usually but when she's turned on nothing stops her ... there is one thing we r...
  4. S

    Wife’s Bull

    Married Couple looking for Bull to share wife with. Wife is 34, super sexy, and is ready to try her first MFM. I am 48, 174 lbs, great shape. Dallas area
  5. Cucks Loves to Share wives

    Cucks Loves to Share wives

    Cucks Loves to Share wives
  6. J

    my wife's email....

    I wrote earlier this month about my wife's first time coming up soon, and we are both just so excited about it. I thought I would share her latest email that she wrote to be. She and I are 10 days away from her "date" with Robert...and my wife and I have been having so much fun talking about...
  7. J

    Our first time is coming up

    I certainly cannot talk to family or friends about this, so I am writing here just to share our story and maybe get some advice from other who have done this. My wife has always known that my number 1 fantasy would be to see her having sex with another guy. She has always refused, and thought I...
  8. A

    So much I’ve ALWAYS wanted to share

    I’ve known that sharing hotwife experiences and cuckold experiences are what turn me on the most since I was 15, which is when I experienced it for the first time. Actually, possibly even sooner than that. I actually think the first time it unknowingly turned me on is when I found out my parents...
  9. C

    Took My Wife On A Blind Date only I knew about....

    You figure out if this is real. Hamburgny got all this started awhile back. He politely asked what it would take to get his dick invited into the upper tickle-tunnel of my wife. He seemed like a gentleman the way he asked me for the BJ. He said he would be gentle and polite to her. He would not...
  10. C

    Wife let me put tits In the Window

    W e were again out of town....................... It was getting late and I had put on my underware for lounging around and my was wife putting on her light and loose T-shirt with panties under it. I love the jiggle under............. when she walks. I walked over to the window and opened the...
  11. D

    Want to share wife pics?

    My wife has a gorgeous ass ans i would loove to one day share her to someone who has a big thick cock email me at frankie10durango@gmail if you want to share wife pics
  12. kaboobie


  13. C

    my lovely wife

    Please choice your sense. how is my wife?
  14. Coach5

    First Time Bull

    Looking for my first experience being a bull. Located in MD
  15. SexyLuv1

    Cuck Or Bull You Decide

    I am SexyLuv1 a 55 year black man have been in the lifestyle seems like forever. I started in my early twenties with my first wife as swingers we both enjoyed all the sex and excitement and adventure. We would sometimes run into new couples where the wife was afraid so I and my wife Fran would...