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  1. Isso.mp4


    Part I
  2. C

    Wife finds black man to fuck her

    While i would be fucking my wife i would talk dirty to her about fucking a black man this went on for a couple of months till one day she said to me that she found someone she was a server at dennys in Ypsilanti on midnight shift this caught me off guard and i came in 1 min in her pussy well she...
  3. phoenix98186

    Wedding Day Bliss

    It was the morning of our wedding, and we were separated in dressing rooms at the opposite end of a small building. We had both been in our rooms for about an hour and I was already dressed. Mike and Jon were in the room with me watching the football game while waiting for our time to walk down...
  4. phoenix98186

    Charles Town Weekend IV

    There is a 10,000 character limit so I had to break the last day of our weekend into 2 posts. Read Charles Town Weekend III first to see the beginning of the day. That was all it took for Sarah and she began to orgasm right in front of my eyes. I was very concerned and turned on because I...
  5. phoenix98186

    Charles Town Weekend III

    My wife, a friend, and I spent a weekend in Charleston Races in West Virginia. We have been fucking all weekend and it is now Sunday morning. We only have half a day left, but intend to enjoy it as much as possible. The next morning, the three of us woke shortly before eight in the morning. I...
  6. phoenix98186

    Charles Town Weekend Part I

    She is 30, 5’6’’ about 125lbs with a thin waist and 34C breasts, mixed (half black) and sexy as hell. She loves to suck dick and is a wildcat in the bedroom. Sarah and I decided we were going to take a long weekend away from bustling DC. We booked a room in Charles Town where they have a...
  7. phoenix98186

    Game Night

    She is 23, 5’6’’ about 125lbs with a thin waist and 34C breasts, mixed (half black) and sexy as hell. She loves to suck dick and is a wildcat in the bedroom. She orgasms very easily. I had decided I was going to invite three of my friends over for a game night. We would drink, smoke some...
  8. phoenix98186

    Football Camp IV Final

    It was Friday morning and JDs last day with us. We were to drop him off at the airport at one which meant we only had until about noon. Both Sarah and I had called into work that day so we could spend the morning playing with JD. I woke up similar to the day before. I could hear Sarah moaning...
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    BBC Cockworship in front of her cuck
  10. W

    Cum on my wife Pics

    i would love to see people that cum on my wife pics
  11. DarquesPassion

    Genuine, experienced mature UK Bull/Dom seeks LDR with genuine cuckcouple

    A great big "Hi" from here in the UK!! I have been on here for a few days now, and have enjoyed what I have seen! It is nice to find a site for genuine people, and to be able to interact in real-time! One of my previous experiences (and they have been many!) has been conversing with...
  12. My19yogf

    A few pics my friends pregnant wife sent me ;)

    Let me know in detail what youd do to her ;) she wants to know every detail
  13. C

    A little backround on how she got to fucking shy guys

    For our 15 years of marriage J has tickled the good parts in my pants and mind. I have had a nagging fantasy of sharing her with a guy. She knows of my fantasy and tells me "you're nutz". J on the other hand has a need to help what she sees as socially limited guys. She tried all sorts of...
  14. Share your dear wife.mp4

    Share your dear wife.mp4

  15. Libertineleb

    Sharing my wife

    We have been in the hotwife lifestyle for about 2 years now we have been through several threesomes wife swap and some parties a glory hole once I couldn't imagine how slutty my wife is , she is very shy and hesistant usually but when she's turned on nothing stops her ... there is one thing we r...
  16. S

    Wife’s Bull

    Married Couple looking for Bull to share wife with. Wife is 34, super sexy, and is ready to try her first MFM. I am 48, 174 lbs, great shape. Dallas area
  17. Cucks Loves to Share wives

    Cucks Loves to Share wives

    Cucks Loves to Share wives
  18. J

    my wife's email....

    I wrote earlier this month about my wife's first time coming up soon, and we are both just so excited about it. I thought I would share her latest email that she wrote to be. She and I are 10 days away from her "date" with Robert...and my wife and I have been having so much fun talking about...
  19. J

    Our first time is coming up

    I certainly cannot talk to family or friends about this, so I am writing here just to share our story and maybe get some advice from other who have done this. My wife has always known that my number 1 fantasy would be to see her having sex with another guy. She has always refused, and thought I...