1. Mikesmith17

    Wife is going to bachelorette party tonight

    She is attending a bachelorette party tonight at a local house with about 20 other ladies. Apparently they've hired a few strippers. I can't wait to hear how the night goes as I've told her that she has a hall pass to do whatever she wants. Can't wait to fuck her hard when she gets home. Wonder...
  2. S

    Wife strips at party while several people watch and masturbate fantasy

    one of my ultimate fantasies involving my wife is to be at an all-adult party at someone’s house where there are about 20 people, most of them strangers. I'd be there with my wife (she’s 35 now, I’m 34) and at some point in the night she gets up on a large sturdy table and starts dancing and...
  3. 35e695e4-7249-4bbf-9f2d-2d686a0ee2e7.mp4


    Guilty Pleasure
  4. ed4056b0-5148-4ab7-8bcf-205b4d542de0.mp4


    I love the way you move…
  5. 28fbeac4-5c19-429d-a65f-6d0063f7756f.mp4


    My Colombian Guilty Pleasure
  6. My Jewish wife, mom of four

    My Jewish wife, mom of four

    Former Reno "entertainer"
  7. Look at me!

    Look at me!

  8. Skank at a hotel

    Skank at a hotel

  9. Stripper Wife

    Stripper Wife

    New stripper whore outfit
  10. Fine


  11. Slut stripper

    Slut stripper