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    Have you ever had this happen to you?

    So we were having a few drinks in a party. We were playing some games and wife lost. So the winner jokingly took my wife to the bedroom. An hour later they were back chatting up like nothing happened. There was another time early in our marriage. We were in a jacuzzi and the wife was just...
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    Young stud hung and horny

    31 yrs old from NY. Looking to have fun with a couple on Skype ..if there’s anything you want to know , feel free to ask anything . I’m not shy , I’m 7.5” hard .. hope your interested . Also have PM me here username redman667 ..hope your interested
  4. balkan Breeder

    In Bulgaria only pls

    Looking for open minded couples or women for some fun in Bulgaria only pls
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    Athletic hung early 30s stud for PA / NJ hot wives

    Athletic clean cut 30s professional guy here. 5’11 180 lbs and 8 full inches. Looking for a new hot wife relationship in the PA / NJ area. I have experience and enjoy the dynamic. PM me here surfsun191 or
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    How a wife became a hotwife : Part 1

    I have always thought of my wife as amazingly sexy and because she had a few lovers before she met me, I have secretly wanted to see her with another man for a very long time. The first time we tried, it was very hot and sexy but also a bit disappointing and we didn't try again for many years...