1. S

    After the cuckold's dreams and fantasies come true

    The cuckold is surely happy when his dreams become true and the wife or girlfriend starts having sex with Bulls, but: - will the cuckold feel Dominant because able to get wht he wante from the wife? - will the cuckold become submissive because the wife is satisfied from Bulls having a much...
  2. M

    Arab wife finally owned by her older bull

    my Arab wife finally got owned by her Indian bull
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    Missionary fuck by BBC
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  5. hermano33s

    Sub Cuckolds/Cpls

    I want Submissive cuckolds/Cpls for online long term relationship ! Am Dom Arabic 31 , been in the style for years ! My inbox is open !
  6. C

    Need humiliation and tease ideas for my cuck

    need your help… I need a list of ideas to tease and torture my cuck. Last night he had to lay between my legs while I was face down going to sleep while he had to sniff my crotch. Need more, lots more…
  7. H

    DC area — MF4MF, bi a plus, D/s interest a plus

    Hi, this is for couples only. Switch couple interested in coming up with some D/s games to play with another couple, like sex servants for the night, cuck/quean scenarios, whatever we can think of within everyone’s limits. Power gap, experience gap, age gap, power exchange; we are new to it all...
  8. Janderson32151

    Question for Wifes

    Hi I’m Ashley and I’m curious if there are any women here that cage their husbands but submit totally to their bulls? Do you enjoy receiving pain and/or humiliation from them? What’s the most extreme things they’ve done to you that you’ve enjoyed? Didn’t enjoy?