1. hubby getting ass ready.mp4

    hubby getting ass ready.mp4

    Since my husband loves to post videos of me, I decided it was high time to take and post one of him getting ready for my boyfriend. So, here he is presenting his ass for my friend who always enjoys my husband's tight hole.
  2. IMG_20200523_204307.jpg


  3. 7CA8D590-739B-4A25-9353-4B7836A27B6B.jpeg


    First time! Wants help being stretched out!
  4. Burntpoptart408

    🇺🇸 Just married under30cpl

    Recently married. No experience at all other than pic trading and cam play stuff. Looking for new friends cpls, men , women all welcome .
  5. IMG_2931.jpg


    One for each different cock of the day, or all for the same, during all day?
  6. img6.jpg


  7. S

    Looking for a playful sub womam

    Dom bull here Looking for playful sub lady, preferably a fooling around and married. SPAM is: strong.desire Snap: wezosnap Or just DM
  8. AnamariaCraciun Romanian bitch 0001

    AnamariaCraciun Romanian bitch 0001

    Me for anyone and for anything :P
  9. IMG_20160325_011207.jpg


  10. C

    New cuck here do you bulls like?

    Submissive cuck here I figured id share a couple pics of my hotwife for the bulls to enjoy.
  11. Cyrano

    Please let me know what you think of my GF's pic, the nastier the better!

  12. U

    New guy . How to transform my wife to hotwife?

    Hi good day, me and my wife already married for 1 year. She is religious teacher and pious but very open in sexual communication. We watch porn together like bbc,cuckold, Japanese massage. She know about my crazy culkold fantasy each time i have talk about that and she just fantasy that each...
  13. AF90591B-C029-4F6B-B53E-357B9A51EB2A.jpeg


    Showing off online for my blk studs
  14. F

    Our jourrney so far...

    Hello. We are very new to the scene but enjoying it. We have been married 20+ years and are comfortable together now. I've wanted her to fuck other men for a few years now but have only in the last year voiced them. She was keen and we talked about it a lot when fucking and both made us cum...
  15. Leicester Sub (Short1)

    Leicester Sub (Short1)

    Part of a video I made of myself and a subbie many, many years ago (Yes, you can tell by the quality!!). Recently found in my archives and uploaded especially for Jenny :)
  16. Hubby domination

    Hubby domination

    Hubby domination
  17. Subbie enjoying Sir's cock

    Subbie enjoying Sir's cock

    This cucked subbie was left in my company, by her inadequate husband, once a week. He was never allowed to fuck her! Her breasts were enormous and were also very heavy. I found them ideal for binding, and many other forms of bondage :)
  18. Betacuck

    New to being a cuckold should I be jealous of the bull?

    Hi everyone I’m new to this however I have just become a cuckold from wife ho now loves fucking guys with me doing as she says like fetching her water or holding her legs up whilst she’s been taken by her bull. Been a long time coming, but now I am a secondary lover in the bedroom. We had a...
  19. Slut Wife 4 Old Men

    Submissive, young Slut-Wife for older men

    Voyeur husband and Sexy, slim, submissive wife who has a big thing for meaningless, no strings sex with MUCH older men ('grandad' age). She's mid 20s, 5'7 and orgasms easily from regular, missionary sex. Looking for sleazy, naughty chat with intelligent, descriptive men. She's also admitted...
  20. W

    Help ? Looking on ways to meet the lady to bring fantasies to Reslity

    I’m new here but have had lots experience but not into lifestyle to know others to invite. Really would love to find a lady to come suduce me , collar , leash , blindfold etc. both dressed sexy for her and I to be waiting for hubby to come home and as he walks in she informs that your slutty...