1. C

    Need humiliation and tease ideas for my cuck

    need your help… I need a list of ideas to tease and torture my cuck. Last night he had to lay between my legs while I was face down going to sleep while he had to sniff my crotch. Need more, lots more…
  2. C

    I’m after ideas that increase my power over my cuck!

    Last night my cuck wanted attention. I offered him the smell of my pussy. I lay flat on my tummy and he pulled off my pants to sniff my pussy. This is should a good power play but I want some help from the bulls and cucks to find out what else I can do to drive him into submission.

    My friend’s girlfriend!

    Hi everyone, I’m their bull since 2020 and she is serving me every weekend. She is a submissive and my friend is a good boi 😉 we did a lot of things and now they wanted to go one step forward so They agreed to share this little slut with wonderful members of this web site :) due to you...
  4. B3E6432C-2584-4798-9404-113DA48BEE23.jpeg


    And even if my tits are small and slightly saggy, it seems husbands friend(s) get a bit aroused anyway.
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    So when told to show him/them my slutty tits…
  6. Jerking off

    Jerking off

    jerking off with a full hand of cum
  7. salvab

    Young dominant man from Istanbul

    Hello all, I am 31 years old; I am a very dominant and experienced male with a tall, athletic body (you can see it on the photo) in IStanbul I would like to have a long term relation with a couple where a married woman serves to me in front of her husband... I'd love to get to know & meet...
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    Our weekend, 55y old, Maike new partner of that weekend, decided on a morning to take advance of the sun light... Put Maike there, with a Magic Wand for about 15 min before come from behind, calmly, and had her without excitation... She was panicking inside... she was shaking... she was so ashamed e
  9. IMG_20200523_204307.jpg


  10. Burntpoptart408

    🇺🇸 Just married under30cpl

    Recently married. No experience at all other than pic trading and cam play stuff. Looking for new friends cpls, men , women all welcome .
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    One for each different cock of the day, or all for the same, during all day?
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  13. S

    Looking for a playful sub womam

    Dom bull here Looking for playful sub lady, preferably a fooling around and married. SPAM is: strong.desire Snap: wezosnap Or just DM
  14. AnamariaCraciun Romanian bitch 0001

    AnamariaCraciun Romanian bitch 0001

    Me for anyone and for anything :P
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  16. C

    New cuck here do you bulls like?

    Submissive cuck here I figured id share a couple pics of my hotwife for the bulls to enjoy.
  17. Cyrano

    Please let me know what you think of my GF's pic, the nastier the better!

  18. U

    New guy . How to transform my wife to hotwife?

    Hi good day, me and my wife already married for 1 year. She is religious teacher and pious but very open in sexual communication. We watch porn together like bbc,cuckold, Japanese massage. She know about my crazy culkold fantasy each time i have talk about that and she just fantasy that each...
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    Showing off online for my blk studs
  20. F

    Our jourrney so far...

    Hello. We are very new to the scene but enjoying it. We have been married 20+ years and are comfortable together now. I've wanted her to fuck other men for a few years now but have only in the last year voiced them. She was keen and we talked about it a lot when fucking and both made us cum...