1. Back in Home - After fooling around

    Back in Home - After fooling around

    After a week away in her hometown, Wife is back, clean and shaved and ready to tell husband details about her achievements: - 3 loads inside the pussy; - 2 loads swallowed; - 1 over her tits; - 1 over her ass (after anal intercourse). I am glad she is a great journaler of facts!
  2. Anakin85

    Advice needed

    My wife thinks pegging means I'm secretly gay but I just want the sensation of it. How could I convince her to try it? Have you done it? How did it feel? Did you cum!?
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    Bound and ready
  4. D

    Ever had horny thoughts about your wife gets exposed or blackmailed? DM me..

    You ever had the fantasy of exposing your wife to an other man and dont get this thought out of your head? Or maybe even want to her to get blackmailed? You dont have to look further. I have quite some experience in this topic and would love to talk with you about it and let your fanatsy become...
  5. Anakin85

    Is there a movie or tv show that might put the idea that pegging would be fun in my wife's head?

    In so desperate to be pegged but my wife won't even consider it! Are there any tv shows or movies that make it look fun or hot?
  6. B


  7. At home preparing the first threesome

    At home preparing the first threesome

  8. A

    German academic (27) looking for future hotwife

    Im looking for a woman who is interested in having a cuck. I am 1.84m, look alright, id say, im slim and got a decent brain. Im communicational and open towards most and would love to find a partner that is too... she should be somewhat attractive and have a "flexible mind".... Im curious to see...
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    Tight wife
  10. GrovelingCuck

    mature couple, 50s

    Greetings from USA, New Jersey. We are a middle-aged white couple in our early 50s. We have been involved in the cuckold dynamic for most of our 25 year marriage. Very experienced but new to the site.
  11. IMG_2500.png


    Wife for bbc in Texas, must be submissive and patient
  12. Good girl. Tongue out for her gift…

    Good girl. Tongue out for her gift…

    Lovely right?
  13. Agave

    Does she need to be put in her place?

    Her husband said she has really been acting up and needed to be taught a lesson so I put her in her place and now she’s a good little submissive slut… does your wife need to be put in her place? message me
  14. DougBrown69

    Early 40s G/F first time post wants comments, caps. And tributes

    Hottie g/f submissive and always horny. First time posting and wants to hear what the men and women think.
  15. S

    New to this

    I’m here in central fl and would like to meet new people, I actually been very curious as to what it would be like to be someone’s second or even third to their establishment. I kinda want to experience being willing and submissive to I guess you could say somewhat like a Master. Looking forward...
  16. J

    Dominant Husband first time sharing

    Here’s a poll to get views on the submissiveness of Hotwives towards husbands after they have been shared.
  17. GUANXI

    I really enjoy to use their wife :)

    Submissive American couple, while she is serving to me her bf watches via ... from the next room. When I am done with her of course he came to clean this slut! :) it was a fun night. He did not want me to fuck her ass but she said it’s totally fine so the little hubby knew his place now :)...
  18. Jimmyuk

    Making the most of everyday situations

    Ok my wife and I visited a well known sports retailer recently to buy her a new pair of gym shoes, almost immediately we were approached by a handsome young man who worked there, very charming and professional i watched as he entertained and complimented my wife as she tried a few pairs on...
  19. #95.jpg


    A woman I met at a party. Ended up bringing her and her girlfriend back to my hotel room.
  20. #94.jpg


    Getting blessed before work.