1. leicester_bull

    when me and a FWB met another couple

    This was back pre COVID I had a regular FWB lady in Derby UK we used to meet others as a couple. This is a account of one such meeting. So me and FWB are into the swinging scene every now and again and have had a few good meets and a few bad ones.. this story is about one of the very good ones...
  2. S

    Latino bull for chat

  3. F

    Wife swaping and creampie

    I never enjoyed the idea of watching my wife with another man, but i always liked the idea of swaping wifes, i dont know, but it sounds sort of something magical or beautiful, because its like an exchange of what most matters to me, like a bond of friendship. But i am a sort of creampie addict...
  4. B

    Bisexual male couple looking for chubby women/couple

    We are a bisexual male couple in the Hudson Valley area. I am looking for men/women/couple for my man to fill with his cum. It is a huge turn me to watch him. Chubbies are top of our list! Pm if serious. We are into almost everything. Pies and WAM is huge for us!
  5. altamira

    Swap Husband's for a Night?

    Looking for a wife that will swap her ol' man out with me for a night. Here's a few photos of me so both of you can see what he'll be getting. I will want you to do the same -show me photos of yourself, so we can all be in agreement about the swap being worth while. If things workout, and...