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    We fucked all night after we both agreed we finally are ready to make it a reality… her admitting she wants to fuck another man.
  2. islandercuck

    Swinger in Venice (M25 F25)

    Hi we are couple looking for fun tonight in Venice, if you want some hit us up! We have an hotel room and want a couple to have some fun together
  3. M

    Looking for fun in Pittsburgh

    Hey folks - going to be traveling to the Pittsburgh
  4. W

    Need some advice

    Good morning everyone, I hope you’re doing great! So, I am in need of some advice, would be better if it comes from a female I think.. I have been with my girl for 7 years, we love eachother and our relationship is stable. It all started from my side, I fantasized about her with another man...
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    Southern Ga Bull getting lots of hits!!!! Ladies, I will always breed you! Men I’m down to fuck your wife with respect to you! Hit me up!
  6. F

    Beautiful images i wish it was my girl in

    Post images of fantasies with your wives or porn ideas :)
  7. O

    Couple in the U.K. Seeking BBC Bull for real time fun

    Hot couple looking for real-time meets with a BBC, PM us!
  8. B

    I want to swing/share my wife, what is the best way to start?

    Have never talked to my wife about swinging or sharing her and I’m looking for real advice on how to peak her interest and hopefully we give it a try. Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. C


    Just seeing who out there
  10. It was more fun before covid....

    It was more fun before covid....

  11. night


  12. O

    Cascais, Lisbon

    Good Afternoon, I am looking for Single Women and Couples. I live in Cascais (Portugal), and I am open to travel in a 3-4 hour radius for the right meet. Reach out to me, and let's have some fun.
  13. Us2PlusYou

    First post

    Hi guys, just stumbled across this site through Google search. Not really sure how things work exactly but figured this would be the right place to post some pics....
  14. Kimkat138

    Help to fulfil

    My fantasy is to watch my wife with another guy, she has shown a very strong interest in this but we just can't seem you find genuine guys anywhere. I want to watch her fuck and suck another guy, just writing it here makes my balls tingle. Please help with advice and suggestions.