1. mirella.hango

    My real stories (pics just as an illustration not from the stories)

    In this thread I will post only short stories and descriptions of recent events, adventures and sexperiences that I have with little or more details. Anyone who wants and has the pleasure can read my stories on my blog in Chrome with Google translate. In time, I will also post the English...
  2. 13202B2C-B6F9-44D6-9B17-87FC4EE75691.jpeg


    Looking for chubby wife to spread her pussy for my boo bear!
  3. btweets

    Valentines Day 2021

    What are your plans for Valentines Day? Anyone care to share what they have planned to do, or want to share some ideas for others?
  4. Doc Watson

    What type of background did the people you've met at swingers club have?

    I met, teachers, strippers, cops, fire fighters and active duty military folks there. In that order... A lot more than half, were school teachers. The lesser numbers were nudist. What has been your experiences?
  5. bradyhughes

    Clean, classy, fun, new bull from Chicago

    Young 30’s, business owner, looking to build relations with single women, couples, hotwives, etc.. good vibes always - let the fun begin! Feel free to introduce yourself and shoot me a message!!
  6. C

    Swing and Share 31F 38M

    Morning. Partners for 6 years, on the lifestyle for 3. Ill be presenting her, and if i can post daily photos. New partners and ideas are always welcome =) We do it for us and always together =) Its much more psychological than physical =)
  7. holdenmycok502

    louisville ky

    im 28 white male looking to meet a couple for fun. anybody on here looking
  8. Us2PlusYou

    First post

    Hi guys, just stumbled across this site through Google search. Not really sure how things work exactly but figured this would be the right place to post some pics of my wife Nicole. She is very much involved in the whole 'scene' with me and is cool with me sharing her pics. Would love to hear...
  9. 20171219_042117.jpg


    Her posing
  10. W

    Help ? Looking on ways to meet the lady to bring fantasies to Reslity

    I’m new here but have had lots experience but not into lifestyle to know others to invite. Really would love to find a lady to come suduce me , collar , leash , blindfold etc. both dressed sexy for her and I to be waiting for hubby to come home and as he walks in she informs that your slutty...
  11. Hot real swingers at home.mp4

    Hot real swingers at home.mp4

  12. B

    Anyone interested?

    Anyone interested in meeting up for a group sex session? We're in the UK. lol
  13. Fuck my wife

    Pictures of my wife, she wants to know if they get your cock hard. A neighbor too.

    Nothing gets her more wet and horny, when she knows that total strangers are looking at her naked pictures. She will look at the comments, and play with herself until she has a couple of orgasms. She does worry that some won't find her attractive, so she is going to have a new photo shoot...
  14. yarmouthcouple

    Hello world

    Don't really know how this site works but hope to post our pics here to share! Hope you like
  15. yarmouthcouple

    My wife

    I thinks she's hot.... Does any one else?
  16. D

    Want to share wife pics?

    My wife has a gorgeous ass ans i would loove to one day share her to someone who has a big thick cock email me at frankie10durango@gmail if you want to share wife pics
  17. Jas4u

    Comment me...

    I am 59 yo married wife and mom of two. Huby and I like to hear your comments.Please feel free to comment .Tributes welcome too...
  18. I

    Ever have a funny Hotwife moment

    The funniest hottest thing happen to me and my hot wife a few years ago. We are an interracial couple. I'm black, tall and I guess you can say I have an intimidating stocky build. My wife Marie is short, petite Latina. One day we found ourselves on the boat of a cool ass white couple. The wife...