1. iamhotwife

    Frustrated by lack of understanding

    I am new to this forum. My handle is iamhotwife here and on both Tumblr and Sharesome. I was reading many of the threads on here and the more I read the more frustrated I got that so few people exploring hotwifing really understand it. What I was looking for was established couples talking about...
  2. T

    Swinging turned into cuckold

    Being a short and slim male (5”7’, not muscular) with a swinging fantasy, I am worried but also aroused by the idea of going to swinging parties with my 5”3’ wife but it ending up to be a session where she gets all the attention while I am just sitting on the sideline. I realize this is a...
  3. B

    Bisexual male couple looking for chubby women/couple

    We are a bisexual male couple in the Hudson Valley area. I am looking for men/women/couple for my man to fill with his cum. It is a huge turn me to watch him. Chubbies are top of our list! Pm if serious. We are into almost everything. Pies and WAM is huge for us!
  4. H

    Wives/GFs: If you overcame reluctance to enter the LS, how did it happen?

    I think this question is phrased properly. A lot of times (as in my case) the guy brings it up first, and the woman could live without it. What changed for you and how?
  5. Using my cock to masturbate

    Using my cock to masturbate

    Filmed over 30 years ago, I still think she is one of the hottest MILFs I have ever had the pleasure to spend a night with!!