1. NE UK wifey

    Does she dress like a slut ?

    Love to hear some honest opinions. Thanks in advance
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  3. S

    How To Ensure The Most Intense Orgasm In A No Touching Solo Tease?

    This is a question for the guys and girls. Imagine you're masturbating to your sexual partner (real or hypothetical). Your sexual partner cannot touch you and you cannot touch them. Their goal is to make you cum as hard as possible. What would they need to do to make you have a super intense...
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    Teasing little slut
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  7. Show Your Ass My Love

    Show Your Ass My Love

  8. LisaXLopez

    Cucking Brian: Panties on the Door

    The first boyfriend I ever cucked was a sweet guy named Brian. I think it's what really got me hot about being a secret slut. Though, with him, it wasn't exactly secret. Years later, now that I am being a secret slut, I write a lot of fantasy fiction about my kink. This story is a bit of...
  9. soft erection stroke

    soft erection stroke

  10. would you like to see more of wifey?

    would you like to see more of wifey?

  11. Wera1821&hubby


    We want to have a threesome so bad any ideas , love doing little videos like these teasing my hubby
  12. chrissy mate 1.jpg

    chrissy mate 1.jpg

    getting ready are my shorts cute?
  13. Fingering


    Asian wife playing with her pussy thinking about sucking cocks and getting fucked
  14. 20230630_225051.jpg


    Just some morning wood, and no hotwife to help me with it.
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  17. Slutcountrymusic


    Getting her drunk and those cloths come right off . Who like those pinch me harder nipple rings ?
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    Friends wife
  19. jino

    Any White girls looking to play? 22 Fit Male from South East PA. Btw im a ass man lol

    Title says most of it. I'm a 22 year old male in fairly fit and looking for some white girls or wives that are looking to fool around irl or online. I'm fine with couples and also like sharing my wife so feel free to ask! A pretty open book, so feel free to hit me up =) Heres a pic and fun vid...
  20. Bathroom pose and colour pop

    Bathroom pose and colour pop