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    Ro Venti
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    Getting my Puss y warmed up before I fuck a big cock... You want to fuck me?
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  5. Bob31

    Anyone hungry for my wife

    Who’s hungry for the wife ….love to hear your thoughts dm always open if you’d prefer to be private
  6. G

    Need wife pics

    I haven’t cum in days. Can someone please send pics of their wife or lover for me to cum to. Could also be a picture or a video of them masturbating which is also preferable.
  7. J

    BBC Dildo for Wife

    Hello. I am very interested in surprising my wife with a BBC dildo. I am looking for something above average to hopefully peak her interest, but nothing over the top. I have seen some very good reviews about the Mr. Marcus one, and it seems to be along the lines of what I want to get her...
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    image000000 (3).jpg

    Wife plays for me
  9. Bob31

    Need this massage again

    Need this type of massage again just with a big cock …wish we could post the full video the sound my Pussy was making as I was fingered gets me off every time I couldn’t stop wishing it was someone else’s hands on me
  10. Bob31

    Wife had a erotic massage

    So wife had a massage last night ….started off fairly innocent but soon as the hands got to the inner thighs the moaning started and hands started creeping into her knickers I had to set the camera up and record she was so wet
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    Video 511_Moment(3).jpg

    The wife ready to entertain one of her many gentlemen callers during the evening. We always video the action so we can watch it together and see which gentleman gets her wet and makes her cum the best! Beautiful sight .
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    Wife toying
  13. Anonymousrob84

    Buying things for the wife

    On a whim a few weeks ago, we created an Amazon wishlist. Someone on Fet told us to. It was fun and sexy and we posted it, letting everyone on Fet know that she would model and video anything that was bought for her. Well, we got the update that three things have been purchased off her list! We...
  14. Anonymousrob84

    Our Sex Toy Collecton

    Here is our sex toy collection. The only thing not shown is our Lovense Lush 2. Wanted to show off what we have. We are hoping to expand this collection.
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    Toy play
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    Nicky the bachelor girl.
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  19. Video 532_Moment.jpg

    Video 532_Moment.jpg

    Dildo in her ass, fingers rubbing her pussy. Watching her cum like this amazing! Pulling her hair and spanking that ass gets her wound up all the more!
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    Scan_20220130 (5).png

    One from the early years. One of my favorites! Beautiful then, beautiful now! And when she gets to feeling naughty she drives me insane.