1. Best one yet 2.mp4

    Best one yet 2.mp4

    before the tits...this was a really hot one. I got so turned on by her
  2. Masturbating so hot.MP4

    Masturbating so hot.MP4

    My wife masturbating for me on the bed
  3. little white riding hood edit - Copy.mp4

    little white riding hood edit - Copy.mp4

    Wife playing for a bit, then I fuck her on the bed. God I love her body, and really love fucking her!
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  5. PXL_20210119_025214908a.jpg


  6. PXL_20201209_025930740a.jpg


  7. PXL_20201209_025926866a.jpg


  8. IMG_20191229_091006a.jpg


  9. IMG_20190615_124633a.jpg


  10. slenderwhite

    Hi, from Perth, Australia
  11. Video 228.wmv

    Video 228.wmv

    Playing make believe with her new toy....such an imagination! Plays well with others.
  12. 9F1C52FD-76D2-4B8C-AE6E-2D046F92A6BD.MOV


    Wife playing with her pussy
  13. Ranging6794

    Hello from Minnesota

    Hello! I've been browsing the site for a while now and decided to introduce myself (33M) and my wife (34F). I've just opened up to her about my desire for her to fuck another man, and she was not against it! We had a great talk about who I would like to see her with and she opened up to me her...
  14. Fran-2

    Watch out to pose on a BDSM photoshoot!!

    As a photomodel you get asked the most strange requests to pose for photographers. Being an openminded woman, I tend to trust people, so I often agreed to accept their wishes to create artistic naked pics during their photoshoots. But this once, I had a very special encounter when a photographer...
  15. Video 220.wmv

    Video 220.wmv

    My wife wanted to make a short video for a friend from her work place. She would often have some naughty fun with him on the phone and decided that she would show him what happened when they talked .She got so nasty when he would treat her like a little slut. Please tell her your thoughts.
  16. Mikesmith17

    Best toys for wife

    I'm looking to find the best toys to get my wife off. She has a small butt plug and magic wand with g-spot attachment. Any other ideas?
  17. Esposa se masturba 2

    Esposa se masturba 2

    Esposa se masturba hasta quedar toda húmeda y satisfecha.
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  19. IMG_20231024_14543107101010.jpg


  20. robwebcam3-09-19-20h33m04s095.png


    Ro Venti