unprotected sex

  1. G

    Bareback only wives

    Are you or your wife strictly bareback only when having sex with others? Does childbearing age make any difference when deciding? Can they finish inside or pull out only?
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    Mate fucking wife
  3. B

    BWC Breeding Bull Will Travel in Europe for Serious Cuck Couple

  4. Anamaria Craciun

    My GF for anyone and for anything

    My fantasy is to see my GF filled of sperm(and not only) in huge gangbangs...more deep hard my fantasy is to see she with an...ls :P Here she for anyone :P
  5. Y

    Without Condoms?

    My girlfriend is having her first bull over this weekend. We met this guy online, he seems super nice, and he’s gotten tested so we know he’s clean. We’re both very excited for our first time. However, I’m curious on your thoughts regarding condoms. My girlfriend is on the pill and he was...
  6. Johnblackbob

    My hot wife 47 and her 27 year old lover unprotected sex

    My seductive feline, my gorgeous hotwife, a sensual feast for the eyes, her beautiful green eyes set against a mane of long raven coloured hair, curls covering her breasts, her body, a throwback to curves and feminine glory of the 60's, sex kitten looks that would make Playboy jealous, Barbi...