1. Creampied wife

    Creampied wife

    A picture I received when she was on a vacation with "friends"
  2. 000001.jpg


    thicker is better
  3. Time for summer dresses!

    Time for summer dresses!

    Relaxing day in the sun.
  4. Boat snoozing

    Boat snoozing

    Greek islands
  5. M

    Vacation ideas

    Hey everyone. Me and my wife have been in the lifestyle for a while but after having a kid and gaining weight we haven't had any fun. Recently we started working out and my wife said one of her motivations is getting back into it. Also our 5 year anniversary is coming up. I mentioned hedo and...
  6. Romey

    World Cup Player Product of Caribbean Vacation?

    Was watching Portugal vs Switzerland yesterday when an announcer said his mother is Swiss and father Dominican. Immediately I thought "she must have had an excellent vacation. Have any ladies been impregnated on vacation from someone you didn't know?
  7. Jessa813.jpeg


  8. Jessa1234.jpeg


    Vacation beach day loving attention
  9. bik.jpg


  10. red (1).jpg

    red (1).jpg

    Vacation post shower
  11. M

    Who interested to visit Morocco soon

    I'm looking for a couple of female interested to visit Morocco soon, I'll spend all vacation days fuck her so hard, I can also help to get pregnant 😉🔥🔥
  12. indicBull

    Thick bull on Croatia vacation April 16-20 | looking for couples and women

    Hello, I'll be in Croatia from 16th to 20th April on vacation, it'd be fun to meet some couples/women there from here. Shoot me a message if you are in Croatia or live nearby and can travel.
  13. SexySeema

    Naughty Dreams

    I had dream last night. Husband and I flew to New York for holiday. When we get there we take train to resort we stay in. When we arrive people want us for sex and we understand it is swingers resort. Husband is not interested but I meet couples I have spoken to here and we have sex together. I...
  14. Relaxed, ready

    Relaxed, ready

    Enjoying the hot sun
  15. FWBsLooking

    Vacation Fun Part 1

    Like many men I had been semi-jokingly discussing her being a bit of a slut for me for ages now, sending her cuckolding pictures and stories and discussing dogging etc with her. One night a couple of years ago I was sat in an hotel room away with business when she messaged me asking what I was...
  16. Proving she wasn't wearing anything under that dress

    Proving she wasn't wearing anything under that dress

  17. linda sues on Twitter

    linda sues on Twitter