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    Holiday Couples Greece

    Hello everyone , i am looking for couples visiting Greece during their summer vacation
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  7. Tonight’s dress

    Tonight’s dress

    Wearing this with underwear for dinner, but maybe not for the club later. Inappropriate ?
  8. Winter sun

    Winter sun

    Last trip before winter
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    Any bulls or BBC’s in Cuba next week?

    My wife and I are going to Cuba next week and I want to set her up with a bull preferably a bbc. I can get in details so pm me. I’m excited. Vacations are places you let loose so I can want to see her do so.
  12. Creampied wife

    Creampied wife

    A picture I received when she was on a vacation with "friends"
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    thicker is better
  14. Time for summer dresses!

    Time for summer dresses!

    Relaxing day in the sun.
  15. Boat snoozing

    Boat snoozing

    Greek islands
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    Vacation ideas

    Hey everyone. Me and my wife have been in the lifestyle for a while but after having a kid and gaining weight we haven't had any fun. Recently we started working out and my wife said one of her motivations is getting back into it. Also our 5 year anniversary is coming up. I mentioned hedo and...
  17. Romey

    World Cup Player Product of Caribbean Vacation?

    Was watching Portugal vs Switzerland yesterday when an announcer said his mother is Swiss and father Dominican. Immediately I thought "she must have had an excellent vacation. Have any ladies been impregnated on vacation from someone you didn't know?
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    Vacation beach day loving attention
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