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    Lick it up

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    We had a great time that night and as we often tried to do we fucked in the hotel pool. It was 1am by then and we never noticed anyone watching. For us it was always a rush to fuck in an open air pool with the chance of people watching. We were walking to our room which was ground floor of the...
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    My wife went out last Friday night with a few friends from her work. Of course I'm biased but she looked amazing, had on this green dress that showed off her curves, enough cleavage to catch the eye and made her legs look incredible. She knows she has free reign to have a good time when she...
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  5. Hotwife73Hubby

    I can’t stop sharing my wife… is it wrong?

    I get obsessed with sharing pics of my wife. She does fuck other men but finds my habit of sharing pics and talking to other men about her a bit weird and does not always like it. Should I stop? Is this deviant behaviour?
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    Helping hand

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    Through my contact with many cuckhubbie's (or "cuckpartners"), and many other guys into panty fetishes, I have found guys who love the dynamic of meeting other guys, partner's used/worn panties "in hand", and using them to wank them off.....often mutually....either publicly, or in a private...