watching wife first time

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    the real cuckold essence
  2. Joeyza

    We wanna try it

    Anyone can help my wife?
  3. M

    How a wife became a hotwife : Part 1

    I have always thought of my wife as amazingly sexy and because she had a few lovers before she met me, I have secretly wanted to see her with another man for a very long time. The first time we tried, it was very hot and sexy but also a bit disappointing and we didn't try again for many years...
  4. M

    My first experience!

    *** NEED ADVICE*** How do I get my wife to fuck my best friend again?!?! There has been a 3.5yr gap since the last time and I'm dying for more! I'll post the full story up shortly as it's quite long and I need to write it all out. It will take a while to write the whole thing out so I thought...
  5. Subhub

    I finally got to watch!

    My wife surprised me last night by flying her coworker in a day early. We had some drinks when he got our place and soon things progressed into the bedroom. My wife told me to get naked and watch from the couch in the room. Before I sat down, they made jokes about my small dick and even took a...