How a wife became a hotwife : Part 1


Sep 12, 2017
I have always thought of my wife as amazingly sexy and because she had a few lovers before she met me, I have secretly wanted to see her with another man for a very long time.

The first time we tried, it was very hot and sexy but also a bit disappointing and we didn't try again for many years. This is the story of that first trip into the unknown.

It happened a few years after we were married when we went away on a camping trip. Nothing much went on until the last day of our trip when we started chatting to a group of young men and found we got on very well.

One in particular (Rob), was extra friendly and my wife showed an obvious interest in him.

The hot afternoon wore on and we continued chatting and drinking and eventually Rob's friends moved on and the three of us decided to head down to a secluded beach and have a swim.

We enjoyed the cool refreshing water and as the sun had started to set we dried off and started to walk back to the campsite.

The atmosphere had become highly charged and I knew something interesting was likely to happen that night.

As we walked along the path, Rob on one side of my wife and me on the other, I slid my hand down the side of her shorts, my fingers reached her dark curly pussy and to my surprise, Rob had already had the same idea and had his hand down my wife's pants and was exploring her increasingly wet sex.

We turned off the main track onto a side path and made our way deeper into the dunes where we could not be easily seen.

Rob became a bit hesitant at this point and moved a short distance away while I started to strip my wife's top off and sucking on her gorgeous tits. I whispered to her, 'Do you want to fuck Rob' and she didn't hesitate, she just nodded and said 'Oh yes!'.

I signaled Rob to come and join us, which he quickly did. I slid my wife's shorts down and we stroked her body and soon arranged our discarded clothes to form a makeshift bed on the sand.

She opened her legs and took Rob's cock inside her, unfortunately he was so worked up it only took a few thrusts before he came deep inside her and perhaps feeling a bit guilty, he soon took off.

My wife and I made our way back to our small tent where I wasted no time in stripping her and going down on her sweet pussy. It wasn't long before she had a shuddering orgasm and I could tell she wanted to scream the place down, but was we were surrounded by other campers, she had to hold everything in.

I would really love to have seen Rob make love to her for much longer and not to be in twilight where it wasn't possible to see his hard young cock plunging into my wife's juicy little cunt.

That one experience gave me more orgasms that I can count over the years, thinking of my lovely Chinese wife being ploughed by that young stud and I really wanted to re-peat the experience.

It was a very long time before it happened but now we have opened the door to a whole new sex life and I will tell you more about that in Part 2.