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    First time showing off my Big Booty Wife😍

    5’3 and 135lbs slut wife! She’s super athletic and fit! Has been her whole life! She’s got such a big ass on a small frame! If you get a chance, let her know what you guys think of her BIG ASS! Give her some likes and maybe she’ll want me to show her off more! Had her wet pussy stuffed with...
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    Wife and unicorn. This is a hard life
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    Another fun night
  4. quickie.mp4


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    Wifey with her favorite GF. Nothing better than watching them with each other before joining
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    She needed a ride
  7. clip1.mp4


    A little playtime!
  8. inside.png


    Hubby slipping inside
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    Getting those summer tan lines
  10. IMG_2680.MOV


    After a night at the swinger club she still needed more
  11. WORSHIP 2.jpg

    WORSHIP 2.jpg

    Thank God It's Friday.
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    Strolling Playa Linda
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    Love that morning getting dressed view
  14. ShavedSmoothCpl


  15. H


    Looking for a bull in the atlanta area, hit us up
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    Anydesk Control

    Hi. I like hosting pic and vid showing of my girlfriend. Sometimes if I like someone I let that person poke trough the files as he or she pleases. If you'd like that drop me a message and I'll give you the code.
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    She knows i like the view
  18. A

    How to convince wife that big penis is better

    Hi All How to convince my wife to believe that big cock is more pleasure for her without try one in real Because my wife doesn’t like talking about have sex with other or watching porn movies, And also, I can’t buy a big dlido for her because its very embarrassing. Last step i just reached with...
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    Extender penis for my wife

    Greetings all I have plan to use extender dick or kind of special condoms makes my dick larger (showing in attched photos) to use them to convince my wife that the larger dick will give her more pleasure. So, my inquiry for men، Did you use these before and your wife or girlfriend like it ...
  20. Kevboy1690

    Holiday Humiliation

    So me and my wife decided to book a little weekend trip to tenerife. Its a place we know well because but we often go there. Usually with family and kids etc so this is the first trip in a long time just the two of us. We're both in our mid to late 30s and have dedicated our last 16 years to...