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  1. Colorado hook up 1

    Colorado hook up 1

    This was the first guy I hooked up with while on our Colorado trip. Can’t wait to see how many more I get to have inside me!
  2. Bustyhotwife

    Unsatisfied Wife Wants to 2 Guys For HardCore SeX

    I am new to sharing my wife's pictures and hot body. Looking to see what you all think. And what you would want to do to her. Really turns me on knowing people want he
  3. Jessicajohnson2

    Cum Tribute Requests

    I’m looking for video cum tributes for my wife. Let’s cover her with cum! DM me for more pics
  4. My Wife's Fine Ass.mp4

    My Wife's Fine Ass.mp4

    We fucked in Galveston. I want a white guy to join us. She would love two guys. Hoping to go to Galveston and pic up a guy or two at a bar and take them back to our motel.
  5. Wife Dominated By Hubby’s Friend

    Wife Dominated By Hubby’s Friend

    Wifey let a friend fuck her face while I filmed the action as a birthday gift for his 40th. He seemed to enjoy himself :)
  6. S

    Im Share my wife Im Ready , foursome

  7. lazyafternon01

    Never gonna happen?

    If my wife has immediately ruled any chance of her being shared, Is this the kiss of death of it ever happening?
  8. lazyafternon01

    I’m not who I used to be

    Is there any other guys like this. I don’t wanna make this about depression but it is a little bit but that’s beside the point. Back before I had this desire to see my wife fucked I was a jealous person. That all changed when we found out I was sterile. I was devastated felt worthless. That’s...
  9. kinkyson

    BWC in Serbia

    Really good looking Serbian boy (or man), 29 years old, with fat, massive dick. Strictly straight. Interested only in women. Got some experience with older cuckold couples, where husbands were watching only. I liked that (as their wifes). A lot experience with cheating wifes. If some couple or...
  10. IMG-20180827-WA0016.jpg


  11. X

    Jerking while my wife wife getting fucked her ex, gay best friend and booty call guy in gangbang

    Since watching my wife's sex tape with her ex Indian boyfriend, and some very suggestive pics with her gay best friend all I can think about is how badly I want to see those guys to fuck my wife while I watch. I also know she had a brief booty call after she broke up with her boyfriend. He was...
  12. Arubabullaua

    Aruba vacationers? Anyone

    All your fun, couples, hotwife… anyone planning a vacation to Aruba? Let’s get together
  13. T

    Young Wife Her Older Lover

    Kayla and I were married shortly after high school. I joined the army my senior year and shipped off to boot camp three days after our wedding. The plan was to graduate bootcamp go to school in Arizona then with orders to Georgia - Kayla would meet me there. On my first weekend off after...
  14. sharingmywife90


  15. Bxcouple31

    Couple seeking male

    Couple seeking male for wife Must be clean No african americans sorry not her sexual preference
  16. Threesome with sexy wife.mp4

    Threesome with sexy wife.mp4

  17. 4

    thick young latina wife

    New here let's chat! A few wife sharing experiences, I've got some hot dirty fantasies for my girl. Love other guys cum all over my girl and old men with her tight body.
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  19. slewis2k

    i love exposing to strangers

    love comments and picture feel free to get in touch
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    Wanting to share my wife

    really want to have a Mmf theesome with my wife.. Need someone to seduce her then we can organize a threesome...? Need to get her naked and fucked!!