1. H

    What would you do

    If you had for a night? Tell us in dms
  2. H

    Love thinking about huge cock using her body with me

    Please send her messages and let her know what you think. The nastier the better! She may take time to reply but if she likes it she may hit you back.
  3. A

    Tell me what you’d do to her and tribute in dms for her

  4. J

    Hi Everyone New Member Here

    Hi I’m Jas. 34 years old. I love showing my wife off and she loves the attention. I look forward to sharing my Hotwife with you all.
  5. sergeantzach

    Garage Gym Membership

    First of all, I am not a professional writer so please cut me some slack there. I have never posted anything like this, nor has anything this crazy ever happened to me. I didn't dare tell anyone I personally know. Back in early summer I was going to a local gym routinely, but had been...
  6. Us2PlusYou

    First post

    Hi guys, just stumbled across this site through Google search. Not really sure how things work exactly but figured this would be the right place to post some pics....
  7. F

    1st time sharing pics of my wife...hope you like :)

    1st time sharing pics of my wife...we would both like to know what you think of her as so horny to hear...makes me hard and her even wetter :)