1. TheDrkKnight

    Progress? You tell me!

    The other night my wife and I went out for drinks at the local bar. We got to talking about my friend friend who I met from work. He is taking a new job close to our home (sad he's leaving our old company but im happy for him!) I mentioned his and I's conversation about hoping he could get the...
  2. TheDrkKnight

    Gone Wrong Stories

    Id love to hear some of the "gone wrong" stories from husbands or even wives after sharing your partner for the first time. I find these stories interesting a even beneficial for others! Maybe the bull overstepped their boundaries and the cuck got mad and it caused a huge argument? Or the...
  3. N

    Bull, sporty, 40yrs, looking for hotwife / couple mid December in Dubai...

    Bull, sporty, 40yrs, looking for hotwife / couple mid December in Dubai... Images in album.
  4. TheDrkKnight

    Halloween party fantasy

    Halloween is coming up which means wives get to dress up in their sexiest sluttiest outfits and go to parties! This year we were invited to a halloween party with some close friends. Hundreds of people were invited so Im hoping we have some fun! Last night I was fantasizing super hard not...
  5. IMG_0062.jpeg


    Hotwife loves to be sexy
  6. Pussy from Hotwife

    Pussy from Hotwife

    She can be taken by strange men, couples or groups at any time and anywhere
  7. B

    5 scenario, which one do you prefer and why

    leave your wife at my door see how i pick your wife to fuck her. come with your wife at my place undress her for me and go sit in the kitchen waiting for her while she take my black cock come with her and sit there seeing how i fuck her come with your wife and let fuck her together fuck you and...
  8. 2023-02-23 00 58 22.mp4

    2023-02-23 00 58 22.mp4

    hubby supports while his wife jumps on dick
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  10. N

    Cadiz Nov / Dec 2022

    I‘m in Cádiz for probably one week from now on… Any couples or females out there for dinner, beach, chilling or maybe more ???
  11. bunda (10).jpg

    bunda (10).jpg

    Trading pics on DM
  12. bunda (1).jpg

    bunda (1).jpg

    Trading pics on DM
  13. Gorgeous HOTWIFE taking BBC

    Gorgeous HOTWIFE taking BBC

    My sexy hotwife has her ass in the air and her wet pussy ready for our friends BBC! She looks amazing taking it, what do you all think?
  14. B

    Need guys to comment and stroke to her

    Tell me what you do to her
  15. Alexx4fit

    Thick young Bull seeking real cuckold couples in Texas (25,DFW)

    25yo, 6ft, fit, professional ethnic bull with a nice thick cock and a great stamina. I love playing with married hotwives and sexy older women, and have done it few times before. I'm very discreet, disease free and respectful. I'm located in the dfw area and can travel for the right couple...
  16. R


    Hi my name is Red.1 from casablanca city 35 years . I have very hot dick for horny wifes , i like to fuck wifes And mothers and also sisters , i like fucking them and looking in there eyes and looking to the man who sharing me he’ Wife or sister that make me feel very powerful and dominant. PM me
  17. phoenix98186

    Trying to Help a Friend Leads to Orgy

    Sarah and I had a friend, Joe, staying with us for the weekend. It had been almost a decade since we had been in Iraq together, so he wanted to catch up. We thought it would be a good idea to invite my friend Kelly over to possibly hook up with him. Sarah didn’t always appreciate Kelly. Kelly...
  18. phoenix98186

    Date With a Friend the Next Morning

    Sarah, Mike, and I had a great time last night. The three of us played for hours with everyone orgasming at least once. There haven’t been many mornings where I have woken up next to Sarah and she hasn’t sucked my dick. She is a very giving lover and the only woman to ever make me cum from a...
  19. J

    My big titted girl wants threesome with black guy

    Was just looking for advice so me and my girl started inviting other girls into the mix. It’s been a lot of fun for me especially. Now she wants to bring some guys she specifically wants a black guy. How did you all go about doing that and dealing with the jealousy. I’m 7 inches so not concerned...
  20. phoenix98186

    Charles Town Weekend II

    I woke the next morning and we set up our plans for the day and decided to split up. I am not a big fan of the casino, but love history. Charles Town, being near Harpers Ferry, is a great location for Civil War history. Alex and Sarah decided they would go off to the casino and we would all meet...