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    Need woman’s opinion for a friend

    I am currently trying to help a friend and his wife go there first time I need a woman’s opinion on it can any female dm me and I’ll explain further thank you
  2. My Mrs.

    My Mrs.

    Here to please and to please on the go . Would you grease up that cock of yours and slide it to her here . Open her hole up and make that clit swell up so it looks like she has a momma dick ! Lol
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  6. farmbitch

    Where kinky women shop at..

  7. V

    Potential cuckold looking to get into the scene -- LA/OC/IE area

    44 year old male, single, reside nearby the Los Angeles / Orange County / Inland Empire area interested in getting into the cuckold lifestyle and meeting those in the scene; my personal attributes can be characterized as submissive.
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    Love a Sunny Day....