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    Definitions for the Lifestyle: Who agrees on this?

    I see the words "Whore" and "Slut" interchanged all of the time. In my opinion, while they may both refer to a promiscuous woman, they do not by any means mean the same thing. I would like to know who agrees with me on these definitions: SLUT: Noun, Adjective - A person who has no...
  2. Hanging Out

    Hanging Out

    Just working for home
  3. Work time

    Work time

    Bored at work with way too much bde
  4. DA7798D2-C39F-448D-B42A-60A5DE3DCC81.jpeg


    Nipples, flash, slut
  5. Big nipples

    Big nipples

  6. Showing them off at work

    Showing them off at work

  7. stud4hershow4u

    Half Dressed Flashing

    Let’s see pictures of your wife when she is half dressed trying to get ready for work, probably In short professional skirts or haven’t put the skirt on yet. Maybe Braless, other pictures when she’s going to party will show us the slutty nature of her
  8. Cleavage


    Showing cleavage at work
  9. F

    Office sluts

    There is something really hot about a women being a little tease or naughty in public. But i find it even hotter when it is at work/in the office. Public enough to be risky and familiar enough because the people around know you! Always loved seeing women wear sexy clothes at work, and i would...
  10. F

    Sexy hotwives in their workplace

    Do any hotwives use their workplace as a “hunting ground”? I would also love to see naughty pics from work!
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