young bull

  1. B

    Young brown bull looking for a long term sub couple to own and breed

    23yo enthusiastic bull here. Love the idea of having an experienced couple as my close knit family and breeding together. Anyone share the same wish? Lemme know if you've had this experience or how eager you are to make this come true.
  2. Hornyyyyyxxxx

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    I'm young, loaded with testosterone
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    shaved or unshaven?
  8. B

    Bi bull for a couple

    Love to own a long term slave cuck couple and breed them with potent seeds. Any mature spineless cucks/ sissies/ hot wives here up to serve a young brown dick?
  9. E

    A young bull who loves to dominate older women

    If you are a woman who loves to be dominated by a younger bull, feel free to text me and share your pictures If you are a husband who wants to have his wife dominated by a younger bull, feel free to text me and share your wife's pictures
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    IMG_E5357 - mer.mp4

    pm me let's talk
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    You can PM me
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    I'm curious about your comments from mature couples.
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    I'm curious about your comments from mature couples.
  15. B

    Age Difference: young man - older woman

    Let's see your pics and videos of a younger bull getting it on with an older wife.
  16. luielleeteux

    Clara (French cuckold CPL LUIELLEETEUX) : Surprise for my cuckold when I suck our young neighbor next door

    I really liked this young male, barely 19 years old... I met him very often on the stairs of the building but I didn't dare talk too much with him because he seemed very shy. One day as I was picking up my shopping, this student at the Beaux Arts in Nice kindly offered to help me, and there I...
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  19. 1

    Messy tributes from 25 yo bull

    Dm me if you want messy tributes. I'd like to mark some sexy wifes.
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    Young Bull wants your wife

    30 year old, 6'4 bull looking to sext with your wife. We will share dirty messages, pics, videos throughout the day that will always keep her horny and wet.