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  2. My gf 19yo flatchested

    My gf 19yo flatchested

    I love expose her
  3. BA1C45E7-99B1-4521-B114-9AB2C8143541.jpeg


  4. T


    I'm a young, 20 year old, looking for fun, and a good time. I'll be going to Istanbul, for university soon. I'm mostly looking for hotwives, and cuckold couples in Istanbul, or any other cities in Turkey. I'm very chill, and easy to get along with. Let's have fun. 🤘
  5. Liz Private 162.jpg

    Liz Private 162.jpg

    Young wife's perfect ass
  6. Windsorbull

    South Ontario 23 M bull

    I’m looking for couples in need of a bull in south Ontario. I am a 23 male and have experience being a bull for a married couple for a few years and am looking forward to satisfying a new couple dm me if you’re interested.
  7. Windsorbull

    Bull looking to get a girl pregnant

    I’m a 23 year old bull already have a satisfied couple with their child are you looking for a young bull to breed your girl message me and we can talk about it.
  8. Windsorbull

    Canadian bull introduction

    Hello, I’m from windsor Canada I’m am a bull and looking to hopefully get more women pregnant. Iv been a bull for about 5 years and I am 23. Been playing around with peoples girlfriends and wives since I was 18 and have had one child with a wife of a cuck and am looking to make more or find some...
  9. jaeandb

    young wife wants tributes

    looking for tribs
  10. S

    New young brown couple here, wanna make friends.

    Hello there! We are an young brown couple (m25f20). We are curious about life and likes to explore. We love travelling and gardening. If any english speaking couple is interested( preferably young), we would like to make friends and socialize. Please knock me, and I'll add to our couple...
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  12. R

    My sexy fit and young wife

    Hey, I'm new here... Love posting my sexy 22 yro wife online. I don't want to share her irl, and she hasn't been shared. Ask me about my fantasies... there's plenty of things I'm into. Let's chat about her though! Interested in the rest of her? Soon enough you'll see as much as you want. -...
  13. Cute peach butt and fit body

    Cute peach butt and fit body

    My cute little wife 3
  14. My wife's fitand sexy body

    My wife's fitand sexy body

    My cute little wife 2
  15. She's too sexy, so fine.

    She's too sexy, so fine.

    My cute little wife 1
  16. Z

    20y/o german gf Tribute

    Hey i am looking for guys that want to tribute my 20 y/o young german gf. Please DM me
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    Tribute my girl please! Trade wife pics too!
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    21 year old aspiring bull
  19. Stud6

    Charming college stud looking to spoil a hotwife with attention. [Texting]

    Your wife is hot. She knows this, but not from you. :devilish: I’m looking to flirt with your wife and get her off on our time. I will make her feel so sexy and be so attentive with her, that it will mke you jelous of her and I. Your wife deserves to feel beautiful and desired. I’ll ensure...
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