Sep 27, 2018
New York
When I got fixed I thought I was done with having kids. A few years later I told the wife I wished we had just one more. She said she would have agreed but no that its too late there was nothing we could do. When we were in bed I said there was a way. That she could find the best looking guy she wanted to fuck and let him get her pregnant. The idea turned her on so much she would cum when we had sex at the mere thought of having another guys baby. But how would we do it. Everyone in the family knew i was fixed. So with u hitting this major stumbling block , out hopes were dashed. And then one night when we picked up on a guy at a restaurant . I left my wife at the bar and when I came back we made a hook up and went to a motel. I had recognized him from working in the mall where we lived. And he remembered seeing my wife. He was young. Well after a few drinks things got heated and when it came to protection my wife said she was on the pill. We looked at each other and said sure. why not. And with him behind my wife while she was on the bed on all fours and her sucking my cock. He fucked her bare and came deep in my wife. Afterwards we left. I said so ......what do you think? It might happen. I went home and had my wife too and she came hard at the thought that she might get pregnant from this guy. As the weeks passed nothing. It was a dud. But it was the first time my wife had a young guy bare back and she let him cum in her. The sex was great.

It was worth a try.
I’m interested in breeding her.