Dec 31, 2017
That is so fucking hot I jacked off. I've never did that I would have to Jack off while he was fucking her. My wife has went to the bar and I was away from her and watched guys hit on her and she narrows it down and gets nasty in the bar then tells the guy she's going to call her guy roommate for a ride. Then tells them me her roomate has been wanting her for years and she isnt interested and she liked putting that she's fucking other guys in his face. And the guy is usually drunk and she is wasted so the guy is all for it. Get home and he will pound her in front of me talking shit. She sometimes tells them she's married and her husband is out of state working and there friend and roommate is always trying to fuck her as soon as his best friend leaves and this is the first time you ever cheated and you she wants to rub it in but if they do it So he can watch he said he wouldn't tell. She will ask me so if we let you watch you won't tell and I can keep cheating I tell her yeah as long as he pounds it.
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