A Couples guide - How to have a successful HW Relationship


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Apr 25, 2015
My wife is away on a ten day holiday where she will have the freedom to fuck whoever she sees fit. I get a little anxiety of course I do, I don't get jealous and I wonder for her safety, because I love her.

I have decided after 28 years married and 25 of them (on or off) HW years, some have been me as a third party to other HW's; I might actually be in a position to give tips on how to have a successful HW relationship, there will be several tips, please remember they are tips as seen by me, not a formula or a set of commandments. Please use or ignore them.

Tip 1.
Lay it all on the line, don't fuck around with schemes and dressing it up. Say what you actually mean
If you’ve been curious getting your beautiful, gorgeous, faithful and loving wife to fuck another man, the first and most important thing to do is talk it over with her.

Sit down, which means not during orgasm, or whilst your fun sized Mars bar is between her holiest of lips, but sat down fully clothed in day light both sober and not tired at an appropriate time when both of you are calm and have plenty of time to chat. This is key because no woman can be prepared for the bombshell you are about to place literally right there in her beautiful lap.

Be sensitive bringing it up, but be clear and honest with your emotions and your feelings. Explain why this is something you’d like to try. If she agrees, do not jump up like you have just hit a home run, scored the winning try at rugby or holed a hole in one. Be cool and realise that she has agreed to consider it but doing it may actually be another massive step. As kids we played Snakes and ladders, at this point you have entered the game, there is a lot of slippery snakes to fall down, if you are unlucky and some ladders to climb if you are lucky. But as a young boy playing this game with a girl it is exactly the same as an adult, because if she loses interest she will leave the game and then the game is over for you both. So you are on square one and 99 ahead of you, you can take the next step. Do not attempt it unless she says she is ready. Hey guys do you want to play a game?

You know your wife and you know the very best way to tell her that it turns you on so much to think about her having sex with other men / people. You need to tell her that you masturbate when alone and that every time you do you think of her and another guy. Expect her to go off like a rocket when you do, this is where you have to convince her that, you love her and you cherish her and you are not doing this so you can fuck some hot totty on the side.

It must be something she wants to do freely because she wants to, not to make you happy, however there is no problem if an element of it is to make you happy, but if it is solely to make you happy it will fail.

Tip two will be 'Ground Rules'


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Apr 25, 2015
It might seem obvious but you need some ground rules for this, not hard and fast rules, and the seasoned couple will say, my only rule is she can fuck who she likes. Okay we get that, this is a guide for the wary, once again a start point. This should also be done out of bed with your clothes on at a time when you both want to talk about it.

I can remember a few years ago we were at a house part and Mrs T was laying on top of a guy her back to his front and his cock was up her arse, there was another guy in her pussy and she had a cock in her mouth, from a guy kneeling at the side of her. I walked over and stood above her and the guy with his cock in her mouth leaned over and started to suck my cock. I was shocked and amazed, I had done some Bi stuff before but not like this, I then her her voice as she plopped the cock out of her mouth "What do our rules say about this?"
I looked down, she smiled and blew me a kiss and carried on sucking her friend's cock. So some things can move with the scene but be cautious.
Tip 2 Set some ground rules.
The ground rules couples put in place for their HW relationships fluctuate significantly from HW to HW and from cuck to cuck and from couple to couple, but are all if set are of equal importance. Once you both decide that she is indeed going to allow another man to penetrate her most intimate of places and fuck her until she screams, you both will have your imagination and fantasy at full throttle.

Before you go any further with plans for Gangbangs, BBC, BWC, threesomes, foursomes and even moresomes think about this.

1. What are you going to do if it all goes wrong.
2. What do you do after the fucking stops, it is not hey big reclaim, there will be emotions, understanding, lows always follow highs. Discuss how you will manage the point immediately after the fucking.

Then sit down and make a list of boundaries and limitations that both of you are comfortable with. Write them down think of the Meat Loaf song, “I will do anything for love, but I won’t do that” and talk out all of the details before going forward. While it’s important to be compromising in all of this saying things like I couldn’t watch you take another man up the arse, is important. If she then says I can’t have that as a limit, for me it is all about double penetration or nothing, you have to discuss it until you are both sure you are ready. A HW relationship requires honesty from the start, don’t just go with the flow, research it, think it and talk about it, there is no need to bend-over backwards, unless that is you thing LOL, but compromise in sex is something I am sure you as a couple are used to, it should be no different as a triple, but fair compromise. Make your opinions known and don’t hold back any wishes or fears.

Here are some rules that Mrs Alan1955 and I used many years ago, some have gone now but it is just an idea. You of course don’t have to follow any of these do what's right for you. Each relationship is unique and it’s important to find what works for YOU.
• Always condoms outside the relationship. (This matures with trust and testing)
• No sex with family, mutual friends or people that work with or for us.
• A sexy hook up must never take over something we have planned time together.
• Sex is allowed with another man only when both of us know about it, no phone call no sex and her location is known to him. Of course we have text and email now.
• MFM / MMFM/ etc is allowed only when both partners participate. This one got scrapped quite early on.
• Sex is permitted at home, but not in the master bedroom.

Don’t be afraid to speak up.
If you do make rules that don’t work for you and you feel unhappy, be sure to leave room for adjustment or abandonment. No one said the rules had to be set in stone and it may take time to find what works best for you. Be tolerant with each other and the experience will be wonderful, be vague and you will lose your way.

Next Tip early things and setting the scene
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Apr 25, 2015
Tip3. Early things and setting the scene.
Set Boundaries and have limitations; If you feel she needs to tell every detail of your sexcapades but your HW partner would rather she kept that to herrself (or vice-versa), you need to discuss boundaries and limitations that make you both comfortable. Obviously there could be varying degrees of this, some guys are comfortable with every second of the sex but don’t like hearing about the dinner date beforehand. Ask for or know the sort of details you want hear but before the date starts, so she is aware what you will want to know. If she agrees to it, she must also honour it. But absolutely crucial before you even ask make sure you really want to know that stuff, don’t get her to recap shit, just because you have read it on here. Maybe you want to know who and when, but is it really necessary to know every detail? If you can handle it and it feels important to you then by all means, ask! Take it one step at a time. Also don’t get mad at her if she looks excited whilst recapping, be excited with her.

Start out slow and you’ve heard it before, take the babiest of baby steps, neither of you wants to hurt the other. Think about first bringing someone else into your bedroom before you both go out on your own, or have a couples/doubles massage where you both are naked. Either way, be sure to have a open and honest conversation about each occurrence before going cock and ball full on. If it feels right and you’re ready to move forward, you can now do so with more confidence. But if something went wrong, identify the root of the problem and work it out before moving on. Lots of swingers clubs have no problem with couples going for a look see and to see if they are happy being naked and aroused amongst others.

Once you have both decided to do this, do not write your own script, do only what you have both discussed. If she is out alone with her new found freedom and gets an opportunity she should stick within the boundaries and not cheat. Don’t ever cheat. Unless your limitations explicitly state that the husband wants to know nothing about who she fucks, remember that cheating is still cheating, even in a HW relationship. Holding back the details, even if it’s because one of you broke a rule and are worried you will hurt the other, could cause greater problems going forward. Your HW relationship will only work because you have trust and communication, and once that’s gone you have nothing.

Scene setting, make sure you both know when it is, who it is, whether it is (Hub)MFM(FB) or FM(FB) only or what is known as 'solo'. Make sure you know your expectations, what the preparation is, how long will it go on for, give or take 15 minute. Be prepared for it to end quickly if she changes her mind. It is handy to have a meet and greet first; to try to calm the nerves (it doesn't work), you will still be nervous the first time you know she is going to be fucked (and many times after that).

I had a young lady once burst into tears when the door closed and said that she was only doing it for him. I held her in a non sexual way, talked to her about her fears and called him on his mobile - he came over and we went through the differences and they left happy. Two months later and many emails, I did fuck her and it was because her mind was in a better place and she was ready. Don't rush things but do push the boundaries a little to get to the start.

Have fun

Next Tip, when the fucking stops (first date her) Solo


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Apr 25, 2015
Tip 4, when the fucking stops (first date her) Solo

So you have decided that your first date with a guy that fucks you will be solo or you have been in a group situation and you feel you want to do this solo.

1. Neutral Location if possible within 30 minutes of home - This allows you to leave. If budgets don't allow a hotel; then his place, again you can leave. If it is at your place and hubby is in the house it isn't the same as a real solo as you have that fact in your mind. Neutral locations give you the option to bolt if you have to.

2. Set a time frame and keep to it within reason. Tell hubby once you get to sex location it will be two (or however long) hours (give or take). This is easily managed with the Fuck Buddy. When you arrive at the location at say 10pm, a quick glance at your watch you say wow is that the time, I will have to leave at midnight, then kiss him, he will be cool and he will get into motion. Once the sex starts if it goes a little past Midnight don't worry finish that bout and then get up and go. Thank him for his attention but leave.

3. Do not stay for drinks and chit chat after, hubby can do all that. If FB finishes early, be polite but don't overstay. My wife goes within 5 minutes of fucking, which might be a bit to short. But have your fun, a little cuddling and then leave. it puts the relationship where it should be. If you want to leave, just grab your phone look at the screen and say, shit somethings come up, i gotta go. Then just rush about in a whirl and grab your stuff, talking the whole time, being pleasant and polite and go.

4. There is no problem with saying things like, I love my husband so much for letting me do this and how lovely hubby is, it reminds the FB of your relationship. Early days chat can include things like I would never leave my husband for a FB, if I hear the 'L' word I'm gone etc. They will be enjoying the uncomplicated pussy, and won't rock the boat.

5. Set your boundaries and limitations as per previous Tips, and stick to them

HWing is a non-monogamous activity of physical intimacy treated much like any other social activity, that can be experienced as a couple. It has a purely recreational perspective. You as a Hot Wife will indulge in intimate sex acts with someone other than your spouse/primary partner, with the full knowledge and consent of that person. A few days before you allow that cock in your pussy think about 'the afterwards', think about what you want from it and why you want to do it. Once that cock enters you, that very second your marriage/relationship has changed forever. You cannot unfuck somebody they stayed fucked for all time. You will be a HW to some and a cheat, slut, whore to others - so know in your own mind you want to do it.

What are the pitfalls?

Staying over snuggling up in bed to watch a DVD, that is what couples do, early days this gives the wrong signals to the FB.

Don't share arguments you've had with hubby with your FB, he is not your counsellor he is a life support system for extra martial HW sex. Family stuff is personal stuff.

Having your 'things' at the FB place is a relationship, bring it with you and leave with it. Let him buy you toys that you leave there if you wish, but if buys you something useful, take it with you, it is yours.

Staying the night and actually 'sleeping' is what couples do, (newbies, should not do this in the early days, think of hubby's heart). wouldn't you like to get back to hubby snuggle up and wake up with somebody who really loves you no matter what. Sleepovers can come later when you are a bit more aware of your own emotions. After the first time you are likely to have some guilt feelings, perfectly normal, so keep the first solo 'short, sharp and shit hot'. Tell the FB that you will call him not him call you.

Throughout the whole scene, you will get into it, a nice new man giving you attention, a different cock and different sex. But once the sex has stopped, remember there is another person that has experienced minutes that feel like hours whilst you have been in throes of orgasm. Call him as soon as you leave and if necessary speak to him all the way home.

This is not exhaustive and is designed to help you think through your first solo. Remember FB sex can also be crap and not what you expected, it can also be brilliant. Think through every scenario. One last thing, if you don't normally do anal. it is not a great idea to be doing it on your first solo, stick to what you know and remember he can only do thing to you that you consent to.

Have fun out there.


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Apr 25, 2015
Tip 5, When the fucking begins (first date her) Solo. Again this guide should help if it is her first time ever or the first time she goes alone. Believe me, I have been doing this for a quarter of a century, it gets easier but it is always there in your mind.

Before she leaves, some guys like to help with the preparation rituals of shaving her pubes, washing her in the bath and even painting her nails, that is you and her and you will decide.

The very first time it is not a bad thing before the prep rituals start to just recap your ground rules and your expectations and what you will do when she leaves.

Don'ts For him
Don't bug her all night with endless texts of how it is going. She should agree to a minimum of texts 'I have arrived at meet point.' - 'We are going to the room.' This will signal to the hubby that sex is likely to commence. 'I am on my home/down/out' Any other texts are a bonus. She texts and you reply once only. An additional text would be required for a location change, restaurant to a theatre maybe.

Don't have the location so far from you that you can't help in a situation.

Don't have the location so close that she cant relax.

If you are waiting in a bar don't get smashed.

Don't sit in your car, Sitting in your car outside a venue is torture especially if she runs 30 minutes late. You also attract the local law enforcement.

Don't absolutely expect sex when she gets back as it may have been a disaster and she needs support, gauge her reaction.

Don't demand a play by play recap when she walks through the door, that may just spew from her, it may take a couple of days, but do ask her how she feels.

Do's For him
Do have something that you can do to take your mind off what is happening, but not with sharp tools or machines, you may be a little absent minded - Running is great - Punching bag is great - something with your own kids no matter what their age for your first time is tough because they will sense your mood. Sporting events are not bad if your team is winning. - But find a safe distraction.

Do make sure she has a selection of condoms.

Do stand up if she calls at the end of the date, it makes you sound better when you answer the phone, be happy for her and be prepared to talk to her all the way home if her driving was your plan.

Do tell her that you love her

Do have a bunch of flowers for her when she gets home and a great big hug.

Do praise her for doing this for 'us

Do make sure you are enjoying the experience. If you are not, is not for you. But do tell her that you tried it and you love her for that but you cannot cope with a solo just now.

Do bail out if you have a doubt but once that text has come through that sex has started or is imminent, it is too late, it is wrong to interrupt her mid shag. If you get that far let it run and then deal with it afterwards. If they are about to get jiggy and you call that will always be a splinter in your relationship the very big "what if" Splinters always turn nasty when left to fester.

It is very important that maybe the next day you both review what happened and what she got out of it, she will have some guilt and he will have some mixed feelings, the very best result comes from not having a repeat meeting for at least a week. The girls will probably want one sooner, but have a plan and stick to it. Fortune favours the brave. You as a couple are in control of this not her pussy. Think with your head not your hole.
The Review There is a requirement to review what happened within two days; 48 hours of the event. Sit down, clothed with time for each other. Be truthful and honest when you talk to each other about your feelings. Don't say shit that you think he/she wants to hear. If you felt jealous of your partner, or have any other uncomfortable feelings about the whole scene, address it now, especially if anything went outside your expectations, good and bad. If you don’t, they will only come out later and bite you hard on the arse, not in a good way.

There will be a ton of questions, I would be writing for one hundred years and not guess them all but here are some key questions you should ask yourselves as a couple
1. If you were to do it again what would you do different and why (honestly)?
2. Was it good/bad/excellent for you?
3. Do you want to do it again and why? I always advise this as a written answer that you maybe text to each other and then say ready 1,2,3, Text

For the other guy, it is customary good manners to politely thank the HW's husband for allowing you to carry out the scene.

Have fun out there

Tip 6 - What to do if something goes wrong.
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Apr 25, 2015
Tip 6 - What to do if something goes wrong.

Make the best preparations to ensure nothing goes wrong....
If you are the single man or the couple make sure you have condoms if required.
One or two alcoholic drinks or a few but spaced well out, until you know your own performance limits.
HWing is about the wife, but like in our relationship I am also involved and am permitted solo sex adventures. Be sure you know the dynamic as an unbalanced sex life can cause a fight.

Things that go wrong. OM= Other Man Hub - Husband an HW we know.

Your protection is paramount, when things go wrong, is not the time to think of something. So have an action in place something you have thought through. Bearing in mind if you run from a room with all your clothes because you feel threatened, you mat well get arrested, but I doubt charges will ever be filed. So if in a neutral location when you disrobe do not throw everything to the winds when you are in the room, put all your stuff on one chair, the one you would pass when heading for the door.

1. If the guy goes against your limits, say you need the bathroom and just go , get dressed in the hall if you have to. If hub is there this is less likely but does happen. Same detail for obnoxious or abusive.

2. If he blocks your exit, scream as loud as you can and get your phone, all emergency numbers work no matter what country you are in 999/112/911 and on. You do not have speak just make the call.

3. The OM cannot get hard, give it some time, try your best tricks and then say, I gotta go and go. Don't pansy around, it will not get better.

4. His wife calls. Be quiet, pick up all your stuff go to the bathroom and shut the door, she will detect he has somebody there if he is not a well versed cheater. Give the guy a break. If it is longer than 10 mins MAXIMUM, flush the loo, wait 1 minute more, if he is still talking, get dressed and leave. You are a HW not a pay as you hooker.

If you got him from a website and he has lied or has been abusive, make sure you tell the website moderators, if it is a casual, go on swinger forums and warn others.

A very small %age go wrong for the HW, but a pre thought plan will always help, you may never need it. Good screening prevents this. If you get a bad vibes at the meet up before sex have a code with hub if he is there that ends it. My wife will stay sitting next to me if she doesn't 'feel the love' then she will side kick me under the table to signal she has had enough, then I end the meeting. (I get the best jobs). I just say, this is not working for me, and start to stand grab her hand and shake his and leave. Simple.

Girls if you are meeting up alone with a new FB, meet somewhere neutral that has some modicum of privacy but is easy to be public if required. Escaping to the var is often a safe mode. Call hub straight away.

1. You must be concerned for her safety, screen and do background checks if necessary. If you feel uneasy move on.

2. Do not push her to fuck somebody she doesn't want to fuck, this is a reipe for disaster as her heart won't be in it and has potenial for grief.

3. If it gets out of hand whilst you are in the room step across don't get violent, make sure she is ok and leave.

4. If he gets violent call emergency and then protect her just ring the number the mobile phone will do the rest scream and shout so the emergency operator is absolutely sure what is going down.

5. If he cannot get hard, give them some space, if you cannot get hard sit back and allow them to fuck, it is a big deal the first time you see this, it will get better.

1. Does not act respectfully

In this case Hub was on hand to stop things. Make sure before you meet them, that they know your limits, no rough stuff, sensual, soft kisses and fucking. OM's obey their rules, if you want to get rough, look for those into D/s scenes.

2. Be courteous to the couple, move slowly and respect their boundaries. If they are new go slowly with her and tell her how good she looks and feels and make a big deal of her.

3. Do not be late, in fact be early. They will be sitting themselves and the best thing is for you to be there ready for them.

4. If the couple want some space give it to them, this will prevent a scene

This list is not exhaustive, I could write a book, but have an emergency action plan, just like a what to do afterwards plan thought out before you go for it, will make the chances of something going wrong less likely.

If it goes wrong the first time or there is a bump in the road, hey it is not the end of the world. Go up and look at the Tip with 'Review' in it. Make preparations to ensure that the problems are ironed out for your next adventure.

HW's on your own, make sure you are 'fucking' in a safe place, somebody knows where you are.

Have fun out there.

Tip 7. Choosing a FB - How easy can that be?


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Apr 25, 2015
Sorry I have lost touch with this, i am doing so much work these days, I only have a watching brief on this site.

Tip 7 Choosing a Fuckbuddy - How easy can that be?

If your wife chooses a stunning gorgeous man who is ripped and young, hung like a horse or twenty years older than her and hung like a goldfish, than so be it. It should be her choice.

You as the husband choosing FB's for her is you trying to live your fantasies through her and that is not always going to be fulfilling for her. It should be her choice and you should be pleased with that. There are some women that like to feel slutty and want you to choose for her and she fucks whoever you throw at her, and milder versions of this. It is very important that you discuss the kinds of people you want to meet and under what criteria you will meet them. For instance, you may only want to meet people from out of town who aren't/are married. You may choose not to fuck people at work or those that work for or with you, we have a rule "Don't screw the crew or the crew will screw you." These criteria may be included in your rules/guidelines/boundaries whatever you want to call them. Try to stick to them especially if you are already out there on the prowl. It’s not always so nice to get a call at 2:30 in the morning from your wife to tell you that she is no longer a wannabe and she has had her first three FB's that evening, it kind of takes the shared first experience away if you are hearing about it when it is done. You will have missed the build up, the waiting etc. Regardless, whoever this person is that your partner meets, leave your jealousy behind as that is a massive passion killer. When she leaves to go out, act naturally and give her a standard goodbye, she does you are proud of her, don't go on and on about it or she may get cold feet and pull out.

Know that they may just meet someone who fulfills a need that is really important to them, it maybe muscles, cock size, kinkiness and dare I say it colour of the skin and this may lead to an incredible sexual experience for them. Bottom line you chose this lifestyle you have got to run with her choices.

BTW, jealousy is one of the top reasons why HW marriages fail. Lack of planning is another and pushing your wife to fall in love is a disaster.

Have fun out there.

Next Tip - Tip 8 Knowing when enough is enough...... Stop means stop unless it is BDSM then stop means more and Orange means stop


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Apr 25, 2015
Tip 8 Knowing when to say that will do.
Our code of conduct for our open marriage included a waiver of stopping immediately when either spouse wants to stop.

One of which included falling in love with someone else. If a spouse falls in love with someone else, we believe it would destroy us as a team. Some open marriage participants and the extreme cucks believe that people involved in this practice have enough love for several people at one time and the poly's.

I’m not sure if I agree. Our goal is to spice up our marriage, and give freedom to each partner to experience other people emotionally and sexually while maintaining a full sense and respect for our bond, due to anatomy limitations the girl can cope with more than the guy. So she gets more, that is the way of the world.

Our relationship, comes first and this is not negotiable! This is what we both want. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee against a spouse falling in love with someone else for absolute sure. That’s like trying to ban rain in Manchester. That would be ludicrous and almost impossible. This is the major risk to those involved in open marriages.

Hopefully your trust and honesty are strong enough between you both that it wouldn't come to this. If the signs are pointing to the rubbish bin for one of those involved, hopefully that person is strong enough to intervene by themselves, and maybe even to stop it before it goes any further. Good communications will help you spot this in your spouse, you fell in love with them once, you know the signs. If you decide to end the open marriage by mutual decision, expect possible resentment from your partner especially if the practice has been going on for quite some time. The respect for stopping an open marriage starts now, in the beginning. Knowing without any real hard rules that enough is enough and I have gone to far.

When both of you are not getting out of it what you initially planned then you need to revise your situation. When one of you is getting nothing or less, in my view it has ended and if you can stop and salvage, then do it. Damage limitation.

Be good to each other

Tip 9 Next multi cultural swinging and the BBC fantasy.


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Apr 25, 2015
Tip 9 Next multicultural swinging and the BBC fantasy.

No matter what any man says, his cock characterises him. If it's tiny and crooked he'll be hung up about it. If he shoots his load in a few seconds or if he has a tough time staying hard, he'll be very concerned about it to the exclusion of all else. A man’s cock is very important to him no matter how big or small it is.

A woman can if required, lie on her back and scream in passion and fool a man into thinking she is enjoying herself, her mood, diet or weight does not affect her physical ability to have penetrative sex but a man has to "prove" his excitement by sporting a big stiff proud cock. And because the male sex drive is a sensitive and delicate thing, it can become a problem even for the fully sexual male. The more stressful the situations that he places himself in, the more chance that he will experience performance problems. Regardless of colour. So the pressure on average size and small cock black men to perform is indescribable. Those average guys are out there, losing weight and shaving back those pubes to add the extra half inch required.

A woman who knows how important her male partner's cock is to him will be way ahead of the game. And a woman who will take the time to worship his cock, irrelevant of size will be the sexiest woman in the world to him. He will then be cool when she craves something different.

The simplest way for a woman to show she cares is to seek out his cock when he's otherwise occupied. Even though us men think about sex all the time, sometimes those thoughts are submerged beneath our routine day-to-day tasks. But the sexiest thing he'll ever experience is the moment when his lover walks up to him while he's preoccupied and she slips her hands in his pocket and massages his balls, kisses him and says, ‘honey. I love you.’

He will remember that event for the rest of his life, when, while he's talking to someone from work on the phone you kneel down in front of him and loosen his belt and open his fly and give him a silent blowjob while he has to try continue his conversation. Take my word as a man, that performing an act like that becomes a defining moment in his life, something he'll never forget. You didn't do anything you wouldn't have done later that night in bed, but it was the timing of the event, and the playfulness, the "cock worship" that he will never forget. When he cums and if it is you, swallow the lot, come up and kiss him and tell him that being a HW has defined you and made you feel hot for him....

So the BBC and Why? Mythology has got us there and it would be crazy of the black men not to make the most of it and ride the crest of the wave it has produced. The answer, in part, is because there's a huge demand for it. In an age where pornographers are practically responding to viewers' demands in real-time, porn-consumers have made it clear that watching someone's wife bang a random guy is a top priority. To translate it to reality means finding a wife that will even considerate it and indeed let the man watch. Live shows, peep shows and of course the man’s very own wife.

So why BBC not BWC (W = White). Well there is the taboo from some time back and we inherit that from America and slavery. The taboo was there, just like those that have touched or caressed a horses or dog’s cock. Women and some men have, its a taboo, nobody knows and the animal won’t tell.

Back in slavery times, the lean sexy slave was desired by the woman. She wouldn’t tell anybody except her closest friends who also craved some black cock. The slave enjoyed the pussy and told nobody because he generally did well out of it and to boast about it would lead to certain death.

The Big part of the myth built up because the woman boasted to their friends who also were getting the black friendship about how big and strong her slave was and of course how big his cock is.

The slaves knowing they were on to a good thing would wank off before seeing the woman so that he had less chance of coming too quick and making her pregnant.

Black man have perpetuated the story and I don’t blame them. We also know that woman are not very good at guessing inches (sorry ladies). Cocks from the front look at least 2 inches bigger than from on top. Of course there are big ones and small ones but from an early age girls do like to test the taboo and many will try the BBC just to check it out for themselves, some will dedicate their lives to it and some will take cock as it comes.

Pre and post baby your plumbing changes girls and after the baby you can take a slightly longer insertion, perhaps why when you get older you start to look about. However there is a limit to what you can take and girth is often better than length. My wife likes a long one to suck and a fat one to fuck.

In Summary -:
Look after the man you love and reward him and his cock, praise him, fuck him and suck him, then you will get all that you want. Deny him and cage him, will work for a while but something often gives. There are the dyed in the wool fetishists that will use denial to the utmost and as long as they are enjoying themselves and looking after each other good for them. Love your man and love his cock, what it will bring is adoration for you and the ability to get more varied cock.

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Apr 25, 2015
Tip 10 - By Special Request - The Art of the MFM - A Hot Wife Hub perspective

MFM threesome she stays in the middle, an MFM is all about the girl, hence the ‘F’ in the middle. A little known fact is the position of the letters
MMF that is Man in the middle but it is the second ‘M’ so therefore the middle guy is not the primary in the relationship, normally the guest.
FMM – The primary guy is in the middle. Et’al So it is always about the middle person, also that does not prevent interaction between all three.

Today we deal with the HW favourite of MFM, I have been in a few with my wife and I have observed her in a few also. Whether or not the men are into experimenting, touching, rubbing, oral sexing or even fucking with each other is very relevant to the entire scene because, if they’re not, then things will get awkward when they’re naked next to each other. You need to establish how far you will go, what are your limits (all three), what you are comfortable and what is a no go area. Some guys are happy to be blown, however won’t return the favour. If you are against or freaked by any same sex touching, do not go for this as it is inevitable, you are going to touch. You might even experience the old gay cliché of your balls banging against your buddies balls. Absolutely funny as hell the first time.

It is about the woman, Therefore she doesn’t want to be drunk or tired as she will be getting double the dosage of ‘happy seed’ she is used to and the guys will often compete to see who fucks best. She needs to be in control of the scene, stay focused and be in please them mode. So the best bet is for the woman to remain in between them and that will keep the focus on her. This way, she will receive the utmost pleasure and have four hands and two cocks at her beck and call at all times.

MFM begins, She leads the way, guys if she is kissing the other guy, kiss her neck, go down on her, do not pull her away. Remember due to the outnumbering of cock to pussy a threesome can have awkward moments, especially if it is the first for anybody or if the woman is not too confident and doesn’t stay fully in control. Also, some guys are a little apprehensive about taking control for obvious reasons, so it’s up to the woman to lead the way. There is nothing wrong with being the conductor.
“Rub there.”
“Touch there and lick that.” Guys love that.
The don’ts are “Would you like to fuck me now?” The hardest question for a guy ever. It always works better if the girl says “Bill, Bob.” Whoever she choose – “Fuck me.” Guys get off on that and they love sexy women that know what they want.

Guys if it is your girl, have already before you meet the order in which you want to have your first fuck. It is rude to say – But I wanted to go then, it is a cock deflator without a doubt

Nobody has to shout out orders or place the other threesome participants in position; all the woman has to do is get on all fours on the bed and begin blowing a cock and the orchestra will follow, the other guy will easily get the hint that it’s time to penetrate, however keep the chat in the locker just in case. When she’s ready to switch, she can stop sucking, look up at the guy that slipped from her mouth and say in a low voice, “Now, I want you to fuck me.” Sometimes you need the hint and the roll of the eyes toward the night stand “Condom please babe.” He’ll get it......
If anyone is keen on the bum business and anal sex is on the menu – to the guys or the girl it’s imperative to discuss this beforehand, unless you are already very accustomed to being anally penetrated, there is some serious prep to do. The last thing anyone wants is a woman shouting at the top of her voice in pain and ending the session whilst she rubs ice cubes on her arse ring, or a poo-stained pecker being thrown in the mix. Anal sex is not like the porn films and the bum hungry plumber shoving a log sized cock up the wife’s poop shoot. Reality is about, diet and prep and butt plugs and lube.
An unwritten rule used to always be the old One man up, one man down routine, but double Blow Jobs are fun, that is two cocks in her mouth or two mouths on one cock. That obviously requires a bit of brotherly love and trust. It’s a great idea for one guy to stay on her upper regions when the other is on the lower, and vice versa. That way, a woman’s chances of having multiple orgasms increases. However there is a sex position called “The Bomb”, girl is penetrated by one guy and licked to orgasm by the other. It can be really hot if the guys don’t mind being in close proximity of each other, then each one can suck a nipple or take turns kissing her body all over. Also break the taboo of having another guy’s cock in your mouth, it aint so bad, you never know until you try it. Some of the best blow jobs I have ever received have been from men.

Make sure your room is like condom central, have condoms everywhere. It also keeps everything clean. My wife makes a condom necklace. When doing this, be sure not to put the needle through the latex, she sometimes at events wears a condom necklace around her neck and when a guy comes along, she pulls one off and applies it to his cock, unless she saw him put one on, she will remove his current one and fit a clean one. SAFETY FIRST NOW. Even if you think you know each other really well, condoms are your friend and you should use them. You should have enough around so that condoms can be changed often. It’s possible that the HW or the men may not want to suck on a condom that has been inside her, or you are cool with bare oral. It takes a little something away from the spontaneity of the sex and, most threesomes don’t lend themselves to enthusiastic condom use, but I recommend them and you will hopefully use them.

No double entry dipping. If it is has been in a bum and is not going straight back in there, remove the rubber. Same deal for pussy. The bacteria between pussies and arses are not great and definitely not between different people. All condoms are one hole and gone.

Give equal attention, for a novice HW this can be difficult for several reasons
1. You chose this guy because of his monster cock and it is the biggest one you have ever seen. Unless this is your scene as a couple, you cooing like a five year old on Christmas is going to kill future dates.
2. He could be the best fuck you ever had
3. You get down to it and he is a one and done guy and no matter what you do he can’t get hard again.
4. Hubby decides to go to the corner and watch.
While it’s okay to spend a few minutes enjoying oral sex without having to do anything in the meanwhile, you do need to keep in mind that leaving someone out for an extended period of time is bad threesome etiquette and it becomes a one on one with a voyeur whether intended or not.

Make sure that you’re giving pleasure while you receive it more often than not, reach out and rub some balls or a cock while you suck. Or go for the spit roast. Again when you are not in brilliant physical fitness shape, it can be quite breath taking, so sucking somebody off while you are breathing heavy, could be tough.

I mentioned, sitting and watching, having a wank or a diddle. Feel free to watch, it maybe the first time and you are in awe of whatever the combination is. Be careful though of whispering sweet nothings, when the third is away at the loo, getting drinks or wanking in the corner, a sure promoter of the old green eyed monster, jealousy.

Sometimes the men involved may feel comfortable enough to play with each other, this is mind blowing for a woman to see. My wife loves it. The woman can sit back and enjoy the scene. And sometimes one of the men will take a break because he doesn’t want to cum to quick (think the one and done guys, not their fault), and so wants to just watch as the woman gets fucked by the other guy. You have got to feel free to wank off if the mood strikes.

I should have mentioned earlier, be comfortable about walking around nude with each other.

From oral sex on each other to stroking each other as you all have sex, especially when men aren’t afraid to get in each other’s line of fire, the sexual experience will be that much more enticing.

Be creative, from three way oral sex to double penetration, let your creative ‘juices flow’ ha ha when you get involved in a MFM threesome because you never know when, or if, this opportunity will present itself again.

Feel your way through with each other and think up interesting ways to make the experience as fulfilling a possible for all of you. She can double blow on both men (wank one while sucking the other, then switch); let one fuck her while she sucks the balls of the other; let one place his cock between her tits while the other fucks her, snowball some spunk between sexy kisses. There is no limit to the amazing things you can do in a MFM threesome.

Threesomes Golden Rule – Honesty with what you want to get out of it, your fantasy in full and your personal limits.

Having an MFM threesome may not happen often for most of us, but when they do, most women admit that it is an experience that they will never forget.

So if you’re ready, willing and able, engage in one of the biggest fantasies of all married men and most married women dream of – get on board and enjoy it!

That is the end of my 10 tips.

I am happy to give tips on other things, if people want it. I have been watching my wife fuck other men and women for close to 25 years, I have been lucky enough to join in from time to time. So if we can help, please let us know.

Have fun out there and don’t do anything sexually that the Alan1955 wouldn’t do. Mmmmm That don’t leave much.


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May 10, 2017
after my wife had her first big dick for some time she opened up about many fantasies she had and some of the men she never told me about and what took place and even confessed to have a very strong sexual attraction for a family memember.
Aug 20, 2017
Great advice. Thank you so much.

My ex girlfriend and I still text on occasion to catch up on each other's sex lives, but no sex between us any longer. I'd have to say sex with her was the best I ever had. And we've always had, even to this day, the most open communication regarding sex, our fantasies, desires and past partners etc. I really miss the openness. Unfortnately the relationship ended for other reasons.

I love my now girlfriend/wifey but the communication is not as free flowing. She's not a shy person except for when it comes to talking about ex's and sex and such. But based on your advice (which I know is the only way) I'm going to continue to encourage the dialogue. I want to get to that place you have with your wife.

Thanks again.
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Nov 8, 2016
Live, love,laugh.we've been in the swinging lifestyle for over 30 years,trust honesty,and enjoy each experience as it comes,you'll have some bad ones but remember just be safe and enjoy your life.Lynn