A sea story begins


Dec 29, 2017
Anyone who has ever been in the U.S.Navy knows that a 'sea story' is a tale told by someone who has a tendency to exaggerate. And everyone knows that a good sea story begins with the words "Now,this ain't no shit'.
Well I'm here to tell you "This ain't no shit!"

We were home ported in Florida,but our destroyer squadron had been deployed to the Pacific fleet.On the way back we were scheduled to sail thru the Panama Canal, but we had the option of sailing directly to Acapulco for R and R or dropping below the equator and receiving our 'shellback' certificates. So, in the spirit of US democracy it was put to a vote. A straw poll put the sides pretty evenly decided. But the Acapulco faction had yet to play it's hole card.
Some one had the clever idea of putting up a poster on the mess deck. Everyone has to eat, so everyone would see the poster. On the poster were two pictures,one was a Polaroid of the ships wake showing nothing but the endless sea,bearing the caption 'Equator' The other picture was a very 'explicit' photo of a friendly girl on her knees give a BJ to a John,the caption read Acapulco. When the votes came in the Acapulco faction had won hands down.
We were scheduled to make port one day ahead of my buddy's birthday,and one day after my birthday, so we decided to celebrate when we made land fall. My good buddy,Mike P., and I were on the first liberty boat to shore,both of us were bound and determined to have fun. Now of course this was before drug lords and gangs took over and Acapulco was at the top of it's game, THE place to go for the idol rich and spoiled. A play ground for celebrities,high rollers,jet setters,somebodies on vacation,you name it.We both figured that we could find some kind of adventure there. Two young horny sailors in town full of party goers what could be a better place to celebrate.
Our first stop was the lounge at the Hilton hotel we had wandered around a bit and found that it was way too hot to be out in the sun,so in typical sailor fashion we had found our way into a lounge to wait out the heat. It was here that we had our first bit of good luck. My buddy Mike was way more skillful at making the acquaintance of babes,a thing that was always a wonder to me.And after excusing himself to go to the men's room he returned with a nice looking blond girl in tow. I was amazed at his good fortune and was about to ask about it,a move that he probably anticipated, " This is Debbie,"he explained, "She and her friend Ethyl are here from NYC on a vacation." "Alone" "by themselves" he leaned close and whispered into my ear, "They're lookn' for adventure."
It didn't take long for me to catch on to his meaning, "OH...OH! Well I guess you and your friend should join us a least for a while. 'Till things cool off outside."
"OK! I'll go tell Ethyl to join us." she sounded a little too eager,but I didn't dwell on that. When she was safe out of ear shot I turned and whispered to Mike,"Ethyl?'' Mike shrugged and replied "One's better than none we haven't even seen Ethyl yet."We didn't have long to wait because Debbie had brought Ethyl very quickly to where we were.Ethyl turned out to be quite an attractive girl, almost a polar opposite from Debbie,Debbie was big and busty and the stereotypical blonde,while Ethyl was much more athletic in appearance and just a little shorter,with long dark hair and brown eyes.And while Debbie seemed to bubble over with enthusiasm ,Ethyl was quite and reserved. I introduced myself and asked them if they had had lunch yet.
No we haven't" Debbie answered. I could tell that she was going to be the self appointed spokesperson. "That would give us a chance to get acquainted. Don't you agree Ethyl?" Ethyl was regarding us with an ill concealed suspicion.At last, still remaining silent, she nodded a halfhearted consent and we set off on our quest for food. A brief walk down the beach and we found ourselves at the door of a cafe famous for it's fish tacos we ordered a couple of baskets and while we eat We told the girls about our journey overseas and our plans for wake up. Wake up. That's what we called our discharge. Wake up and go back to real life.They told us about how they met and how they came to be in sunny Acapulco. Debbie was only a year older than Mike while Ethyl,who had been somewhat of a wizkid was a year younger than myself.When Ethyl excused herself Debbie leaned over to me and said in a low voice.
" You and her seem to be doing well. I know she comes off as being kind of hostile but,really she's just scared of new people. You don't seem to scare her too much. The whole point of being here is to get her to open up a bit. You know loosen up, have fun. ... Maybe do something naughty" she gave me a conspiratorial nod at that last comment which was hard to misinterpret.
"When do the clubs open in this town?" Mike was getting eager to go steaming now. Steaming was sailor talk for getting good and drunk.
" Not until sundown" Debbie said "Maybe you guys would like to relax in our room for a while" Debbie had a gleam in her eye that told me that she wasn't really thinking of relaxing. I guess that would be alright,if it's cool with you guys.'
" Come on Mike lets take them up on that." Mike caught on to the plan and agreed that a place to lay low for a while might not be a bad idea,
"We don't want to start too early. It could be a very long night." At the time he didn't know how long the night would get.