a sea story continues


Dec 29, 2017
When Mike and I got up to the girls room, Debbie announced that they were going to get freshened up and change. Mike and I were to wait in the common area. We gazed around in awe at the room,actually a suite, that the girls were in. What did they do for a living? We asked ourselves. Then we decided that we didn't really want to know"
" HOT DAMN! Are we lucky or what? I wonder if they're related to a mob boss or somethin'." Mike wondered. "They come from some sort of money.Wonder if we should ask. I don't want to wind up on somebody's 'hit list'. They're good.but not that good!"

When the girls returned we stopped thinking with our brains and started thinking with our crotch. Debbie had donned a spicy sun suit that would have been at home around a pool. It was made of some kind of fabric that was so thin that the thong that she wore under it was clearly visible. Ethyl was wearing a more modest outfit that featured a safari look. A jacket and matching shorts and a colorful tank top,but the jacket didn't hide the fact that there was nothing under the tank top. I could tell that Ethyl had something on her mind,as she sat down beside me on the sofa. Debbie took up a position in the recliner that was opposite to Mike who was in the love seat,at first I thought this was odd,since they had been getting along so well. Then I noticed that were she was gave Mike an unobstructed view of her thong,and it became clear to both of us that there was more than small talk on her mind.
" Mike, there's a great view of the harbor from my room. Maybe you can see your ship.Come point it out."
"HMM. I think were we came in is outta site from here. But let's look anyway,you never know what might be in sight."
The two of them disappeared into Debbie's room. Leaving Ethyl and I alone. I broke the silence " So,tell me how did you and Debbie meet? The two of you seem so different, "
" I went to NYC to get away from the small town life of rural Pa. I was looking for a change and I thought that living in the city would bring that. But you know what they say 'no matter were you go there you are' I brought the same attitude with me that I had always had. I had pretty much resigned myself to a lifetime of boredom when I first met Debbie. I was working at one of her dad's hotels when..."
" Wait just a minute. One of her Dads' hotels? Is this one of those? You mean to say Debbie is an heiress!?"
" Well we did kind of forget to tell you that." she grinned sheepishly " Anyway we hit it off right from the start.She was a born and bred New Yorker and had a naturally outgoing,bubbly personality. We've been companions since we met. She tries to keep me from getting too boring"
Now I saw my chance. " Well I don't think your boring. As a matter of fact I think you're really hot. Didn't the guys back home think that? I bet they did."
" They wouldn't have said so.The guys back there were terrible straight and very 'religious'. Not at all willing to be adventurous,kind of like hobbits. Have you read those books?"
"So, Debbie is sorta like a guide? I get it. Mike is the same for me. No one just goes on an adventure alone. Because no one can be everything they want to be.That's why Mike and I are so tight. He makes life more complete for me."
" You mean he wont tell anyone what you do?"
"No I didn't say that.Mike will tell everyone,everything,it's just that no one believes him. You see on board everyone knows Mike is a great story teller,and me, well they all know that I'm his close friend and if I back him up they just say 'well what do you expect he 's his good buddy' and then they just,forget about it So you see,even the truth can't hurt you. And even if someone does,by some stretch of the imagination, believe what he says what will it matter we'll go our separate ways after our hitch is up."
" So if we did anything... no one would ever know?"Ethyl asked as she moved closer. "The guys at home never wanted to do anything,,,new. They were so small minded that it made me sick."
" You know I suspect that there is a bit of the small minded attitude down deep in you. Your not boring, you're just scared that someone will find out that you have other interests. What are your other...interests"
We would have continued but the noises coming from Debbie's room were hard to ignore.
" Whatever INTERESTS I have would be much more quiet."Ethyl was trying to be humorous but she was obviously ill at ease." Might be better if I just showed you." as she said that she slide close and put her arms around my neck. " Are you sure that things wont get out."
" The only thing that needs to get out is my cock from these pants."
" I can help with that" I heard her say, Ethyl reached for my lap and with determination and forethought she loosened the zipper of my pants and released my swollen rod. She didn't even give me time to think about it before I felt her soft lips on the head of my throbbing member. I wasn't about to stop her,she just seemed so contented polishing that knob. I decided to just enjoy my good fortune. Ethyl paused a moment and keeping my dick firmly in hand she whisper in my ear.
" You don't mind if I do this do you? It's kinda fun for me.The guys back home always stopped me when I tried to do this."
" You must be kiddin' most guys enjoy this! As far as I'm concerned you can keep that action goin' as long as you want."
" MMM that's good to hear.They didn't believe in having fun. To them sex was for making babies,nothing enjoyable about it."
" I've met guys like that but once I heard them talk about it I figured that they were just talkin' shit.Guess they were tellin' the truth! You feel free to do what you want,I wont stop you." when I said this she lowered her head and began where she had left off.Ethyl was like a vacuum cleaner with no 'off' switch.Years of suppressed lust came to the surface as she hungrily sucked on my hard cock.somewhere during this time she had shed the jacket and tank top and was indicating,by her hand action that I should pinch her red nipples and squeeze her ripe melons. Three weeks at sea will give a guy time to build up quite a load. When I felt it cumming I warned Ethyl and she responded by pressing the head of my cock onto one of her soft, full breasts. I erupted in a way I'd never thought possible, while she rubbed my seed all over her chest and lips." Damn girl,that's nasty" I said,then,added " I like it!"
" I said you weren't boring. Was I right or was I right? All you have to do is be on the same adventure as your friend. You don't need to be her. Just being yourself is enough."
It had gown late and Mike and I said that we had Cinderella liberty and had to be back at the ship by 12 o'clock.Of course that was BS but it seemed like a good way to get ourselves out of the situation.When we got off of the elevator to the lobby we heard a voice.

"Hey Debbie is that you?" we turned to see two young men in suits. "We just got checked in,Ethyl,you know Phil don't you? He does the same job as you do, but you probably never met him in person,but I know that you've spoken on the phone. We came here from the Chicago branch to see the sites. Are these guys old friends of yours?"
" Not really!" I said hastily " We were just asking what the quickest way to the docks would be. We need to catch the next liberty boat."
As we took our leave of the girls I said to Ethyl "Just be yourself and you'll be fine,those guys are from Chicago and you'll probably not see them again, anyway in a few years who's gonna care?"
Mike looked at me and smiled" This is going to be a good day.But the night is still young.Let's go steamin'."
He was right the night was still young.