Apr 14, 2023
My girlfriend will be taking a two-week trip to Italy next month. The first week will be business-only, but she will tripping alone around Naples, Milano, and Rome during the second week.

I don't want her to know about my fantasies, but I really want her to get fucked by at least one person when she is there. Do you have any tips to increase the chances of my GF getting fucked? Please let me know if you do.
Let her know it’s ok to be with someone else while there. Don’t push her, just plant the seed to let her know it’s fine with you. Trust me this is all that will be needed if she has the right events happen. She will be fucking her way through Italy. Will be a trip she won’t soon forget.


Feb 6, 2023
Denver, CO, USA
Thanks for the suggestions, but I don't think I want her to know about my fantasies yet. But I have a feeling that if she has the chance in the proper environment, she will sleep will someone. I also prefer to keep her ananymous, so I appreciate the volunteering but it's a thanks but no thanks.

Do you have any suggestions about increasing her chance to get laid? Aside from the work stuff, she will have a week of free time and we will plan her trip for that week. I am planning to ask her to explore some cocktail bars to get her tipsy throughout the nights. At some point I will also joke about other people hitting on her and I will imply I have no issue with it, but aside from that I am not sure what else I can do. Do you have any suggestions for activities to "expose" her to situations where she would get hit on?
Maybe pack Her A Little Gift Travel Pack ..Sun Screen Her Favorite Chapstick, Perfume, New Sexy Panties & A Few Assorted Size Condoms ..And A Love Note Telling Her To Have Fun That You Will Always Except & Respect Her Decision.. To Enjoy Italy To The Fullest With No Regrets!!
That You Will Always Love Her!!

Good Luck