Accidentally lucky


Dec 29, 2017

Well now that I'm back from my very unexpectd trip I can continue our story.As I remember D***** had got me so worked up that I could hardly contain myself.
"I've got to have your pussy now!" I was almost begging,and I knew it but I just had to get into that sweet hole.
"You really want it don't you? You're as hard as a baseball bat,I told you I could bring you back to life. Well we can't let all that work be for nothing can we. so now FUCK ME as much as you want but tell me when you're about to cum."
She laid back on the bed and spread those silky thighs,exposing the dewy slit between. To make things even more invviting she raised her legs and using her own hands she took a hold of her ankles and smiled.

"Can't say NO to that can you? Don't hold back I need it just as bad as you." With that 'encouragement' I thrust myself into her hot moist womanhood. With all her 'experience' I had expected to meet little or no resistance,but I was wrong. Have you ever reached for a door to open it and had someone that you hadn't seen open it from the other side?Her opening was like that,not open at all times just open to those who were invited in,closing up again as so as the,guest, had arrived. The oral lesson she had given me had made me so aroused that there was no chance of failure. We enjoyed the feeling of each others flesh for what seemed to be an eternity.Finally,I felt her passage closing around me,it was like another hand pulling and milking me.
"Don't stop now!" she screamed "I'm right there"
"Not a chance.I want to know what it's like to make ya cum" I didn't have long to wait, She screamed and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. I thrust into her as far as I could and just left my manhood in her,so I could feel the walls of her vagina twitching in orgasm.
"You didn't cum yet did you? At least you didn't say so." she looked at my smoking member and sighed. "We can't let that stay all frustrated like that."
"I really wanted to make you cum. After what you've done for me I owe you that much at least"
"That's sweet of you"she said"But you don't 'owe" me anything I told you I'd been looking for a guy that could do the things you do. And it looks like I've found just what I was looking for. Now before we call it a night lets take care of that baseball bat. OK?"
Sitting on the edge of the bed D***** used both hands to stroke and fondle me.She could tell by the feel that I was very close to my big moment. I felt those marvelous lips slip over the head of my shaft and even though I knew she wasn't going to pull away I instinctively placed my hands on the back of her head. I've never before or since known anyone so eager to swallow a load. Not one drop escaped that hungry mouth and active tongue.
"NOW let's go home."she said "Oh. Bye the way. My hubby and son will be leaving on a ,men only. vacation tour of the west. They'll be away for almost all of next month. I'll be sooo lonely,whatever will I do? If you give me your number I'll call you when they leave.You might want to visit me and keep me company."
D*****was as good as her word. We had a great time that summer. And it all started with an off handed remark at a rehearsal. GO FIGURE!
D***** and I did many things that are worthy of a tail that Summer
next time I'll tell you about them.

" D