anybody from China?

Mar 5, 2017
My wife is Chinese also. I would to watch or even know that another man is between her legs pounding her with his hard cock inside her.
Nov 18, 2016
Socorro NM USA
I thought you had made it here. I had a couple from china show up to look at my house( it's a dome) and while I was showing the house she kep flasing me. I looked at her husband and he gave me the go a head so I put my hand on her back and slide it down to her ass. The husband was watching and smiling. I keep feeling her and led her to the bed room where I started to kiss and strip her. her husband sat and watched me fuck her for the next two hours(thank god for the little blue pills). I came in her three times and she suck me off once,and yes her husband sucked all my cum from her pussy he even help suck my dick clean after the first fuck. So I thought you had made it here.