Are cheating wives the hottest of the hot wives?


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Aug 26, 2017
Having contemplated this topic for decades, my opinion is that the hottest wives are cheating wives…

There is something insanely sensual, erotic, regarding a married woman who is willing to take the risk - all to satisfy her lust, desire, curiosity and needs, both sexual and emotional, by straying from the bonds of marriage.

I’ve come to a state of acceptance that I’ll likely never know how many men, and who they were, that KK’s been with. Even though we’ve been doing the hot wife thing for more than twenty years, she still “cheats” - it’s a power thing for her.

It makes me rock hard, throbbing, to imagine KK seeing a guy she thinks is attractive, flirting with him, and if they click, finding a place to fuck themselves senseless. It’s a bonus if she decides to tell me about it - otherwise, I can stroke and cum, thinking about her clandestine adventures, full of a stranger’s hard cock.

What are other’s opinion on this potentially controversial topic?
Jan 3, 2023
I agree I loved to hear my wife describe in graet detail about a guy she meant and 5 min. Later was getting fuck .cuss she saw his package through his Pants. Are Start telling some guy in a bar,"with me setting next to her". about how she needed to fuck guys like him. Cause how small her old man's cock was and not to worry about me being at home. he gets all turned on. Shit it made me so fucking hard I run my hand up her skirt feel how wet she was. and she rub my cock to see if I was hard. .I loved it
The best sex I ever had was me. Jacking off while I watched some Bull his big cock deep in my wife
And see look me in my eyes and smile


Jun 17, 2020
South Wiltshire, UK
No. In my last threesome the initial conversations and meets were as a three and very sexy, in the weeks that followed she was pursuing a second night of sex involving me but as the weeks progressed it was clear it was sex with me and not her husband.
Not good, not sexy, not right.
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Jun 15, 2021
South UK
My wife reconnected with her old college classmate last summer, and they spent a long afternoon in his hotel room. Since then they have been exchanging text messages which often stray into the territory of ‘sexting’.

For him, a huge part of the thrill he gets is in knowing that my wife is married, and thinking that I know nothing about him. The concept of her ‘cheating’ on me with him is a big turn-on for him.

I’m very happy for him to enjoy the experience of my unfaithful wife – while at the same time waiting to hear from her what she’s said and done with him 😊
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Nov 12, 2020
Northeast Iowa, USA
I guess it depends on if the wife is cheating or if the wife just lets her play partners think she is cheating. My wife has let some guys know she has my support to play and other guys just thought she was cheating.

If she was actually cheating, that wouldn’t be good.

Rosey T Peaches

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Mar 7, 2021
If everyone knows what's at play and abides by the foundational tenants of honesty and trust involved in any kink, bdsm, LS etc. then all is fair.
A stone cold cheating, manipulative, pathological liar that puts everyone in harms way due to selfish risk seeking behaviour and uncontrollable urges is (1) MENTALLY ILL (2) A liability (3) A scumbag no-account, useless lying whore....fuck that noise! And that floppy clam!
A Stupid, Sick, Selfish gash that is committed to stabbing you in the back and try to keep it a secret, then willingly lie and deny their offenses is nothing more than a worthless hole. Extra Hell No points when her own guilt and paranoia get blindly cast upon others to vent the misery in her own head. Again, knowingly and willfully harming others is wrong and unhealthy. it is pure MENTAL ILLNESS, and sociopathic behaviour that ends well for no one, especially the offender.
Get help or get gone! I posses intelligence, self respect and my balls so I know there's always younger, tighter, less insane cooch out there too!
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May 10, 2022
Years ago, I was 22, seeing/fucking a 41yo married gal. Her hubby had no idea. She was smokin hot and fucked me silly once a week, Thursdays after work for over a year. She was very open about how she liked the sex with me and how horny she was after she'd leave my place she'd have sex with her hubby later that night. She said a few times if her husband ever found out it would devastate him. She told me she never did this with anyone befor me and I believed her. We'd go 3 times with one in her butt hole every time she would visit. I fucked her in my bed, my livingroom, my kitchen and my bathroom. The every Thursday after work deal REALLY helped my score ratio, on weekends I always tried to get laid, I had semi-girlfriends off and on. It really didn't matter if I scored because I knew I had a guaranteed Thursday deal and it must have showed because I got a LOT of pussy on weekends.
She was a cheating fuck sult and I loved it.


May 10, 2022
1983, I was 23. A couple 3 doors down in my apartment, mid 20s. We were friendly and often chatted in the hall or parking area. One day they tell me she's pregnant and they were excited. A few days later just she and me chatting in the hallway, she tells me how horny she is with being pregnant. I'm thinking WTF? Next thing I know we're in my living room kissing then she's sucking my dick. We got it on twice befor she left. I was off Wed and Thurs, her hubby left for work at 7:30, she'd be at my place shortly after. We got pretty comfy together, we'd have sex for a couple of hours. We'd also get together if I was home and her hubby wasn't, sometimes at night or weekend.
She was really open about how horny she was and how much sex they were having. Some mornings she knock on my door wearing only her bathrobe. She never had any makeup on. It was very obvious they had sex befor he left, she probably had cleaned up but I could smell sex on her and she was slick in there.
I'd be pumping her, she'd be saying how horny she was and that hubby did her twice befor he left for work. She'd say things wet she was and how good it felt ...yea I was getting his seconds. She'd ask if I wanted her to turn over, get on top, if I wanted her butt.
One afternoon we we had fucked twice, we didn't use rubbers, she was already pregnant, she went home like 5 minutes befor hubby's get home time. Sometimes she took a quick shower at my place, not this time as she had to get home, she said he wouldn't think anything about how wet (full of my jizz) she was for him.
I did her at least twice a week, lots of times more from when she was about 3 months till she was BIG, 8 months ??
Her hubby had no idea. She was another married, horny, cheating fuck slut to the max.


May 10, 2022
Before I was married I had a pretty good kill score as one of my guy friends called it.
When I did score a married gal it was pretty easy to tell if she had cheated befor. The serial cheating wives were confident and got right down to business. Newbies were slow, hard to get warmed up but once they got going it was HOT usually followed by crying but usually a good second round after a short guilt cry.
Cheating wives didn't play any head games, if it was going to happen it was easy and great sex.


Jan 20, 2023
I do hope so as I’m married and cheat all the time Kelly westgate


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