Bending over for my wife

Aug 5, 2022
So earlier this morning I was getting undressed before a shower while my wife was lying on the bed using her phone. As I was bending over she commented on how she liked what she saw. I was fully bent over so it would seem she could only have been looking at my butt/hole. Given her attention I playfully bent over more and got turned on as I felt my shaven anus puckering.

She knows I play with a dildo solo. I wonder if this is a sign she's interested in playing with my pink little hole. What's the community's take on what she was enjoying and where to go from here?

This is the view she would have got:
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Hey , now I can say the same thing your wife said ,
I like what I see too
My wife says my ass is cute , and squeezes it all the time and even yanks down my shorts on me when walking past sometimes slaps it too

It's all good fun.