Bye,Bye,Becky part III


Dec 29, 2017
It's always nice to get home. Now to continue the tale of Becky and I at the (drive-in).
I had just brought her to an almost exhausting climax using a vibrator that she had brought along. As a matter of fact Becky had ,seemingly thought of everything.
" If I didn't know better I'd think that maaaybe you had this night well planned. But, of course you didn't, right? That would mean that you were lookn' to have some fun,and we know that you aren't THAT sort of girl,isn't that right?"
" Well, I'll have to admit that I might have put a LITTLE thought into it. I just didn't know how well things would work out."
" Did things go well for you?"
" MMM! I think things went real well! But so far things haven't worked out too well for you,now have they." her hands had found their way to obvious bump in my pants. " wouldn't you be more comfortable if you let that out?" Her nimble fingers made short work of my belt buckle and zipper and very soon her warm and eager hand was caressing the length of me raging manhood. " I see now why it's sometimes called a 'woody'. You're as hard as a broom handle"
" Yeah,I tend to get that way when a sweet thing like you rubs on me"
" It must hurt to be so swollen and stiff. Maybe I can do something for it". again she reached into that mysterious basket of hers and this time she produced a velvet glove." I just know that this will help. Now just relax and try not to move too much" She was softly running the glove around on my belly,when I felt it slip under the waist band of my shorts and come in full contact with my jewels. I'll always have sweet memories of that glove. The soft feel of the material,the warmth of her hand and the firmness of her grip as her fingers closed around my shaft." Now aren't you glad I brought this blanket?" she was whispering in my ear.I could feel her warm breath. " We can do most anything under here and no one would know.Watch I'll prove it" With that last remark she disappeared under the blanket. I didn't have long to wait 'till what she was 'up to' became obvious. The rhythmic stroking of that velvet glove was replaced by the rhythmic motion of her soft,moist lips.
" Becky if you don't quit you're gonna get a face full!" but the determined way that she went to work told me that she wasn't about to give up. I wasn't going to hold off any longer,I held her head began push my hips up into that hungry mouth. Finally the ecstasy got to a point that I had to erupt. I didn't think I'd ever stop and Becky didn't let a drop go to waste. I thought I was finished after that, but Becky had other plans.
" You aren't done yet are you? The night is still young you know." It didn't take her long to wake up my sleeping member. " Remember when I said that I was so wet you could slide it real easy? I'm still that wet. Let's see what else this blanket is good for." Before i knew what was happening she had enveloped us both. She was on my lap facing me,with her arms around my neck and her head on my shoulder." I'm sooo glad that D***** introduced us. I don't think I've ever enjoyed myself this much before. You can cum inside me toght if you want to. I've been taking pills lately so I'm pretty sure it's safe"
" After all this you think I'm gonna cum again?Not likely." But Becky was always persistent and usually got what she wanted,and this time was no exception. She lowered herself down on my hardened shaft and as she had said there was very little resistance. I don't know how long we were locked together,but I know that by forcing her now shaven mound down on my lap that she was able to bring herself to climax several times." OK this is it. I'm gonna remember this! And so will you!"
We just held on to each other for a while after that. Becky looked up at the movie screen.
" Movie's over now I guess it's time to clear out of here. We do have along drive back. This time I'll drive."
About a week later Becky called me again. " Is it movie night?" I asked expectantly
" Not quite" she replied,I could tell that there was bad news in the air." You know how I told you that my hubby was pretty much obsessed with making money.
He's taken a promotion that will mean he'll have to be moving to Athens. So I guess that will mean no more 'movie night'."
I tried to put a positive spin on things. " Well Georgia not THAT far off. Maybe we can still keep in touch."
" I don't think so. It's Athens,Ga it's Athens,Greece!"
" Oh I see.I guess we'll just have to hold on to the memories of the good times.We did have some of them didn't we?"
" Yes,yes we had some really good times"
That was the last I ever spoke to Becky, As I said long ago 'sooner or later' luck just goes away. But I still remember that glove.