Cait’s first time with a coworker


Aug 27, 2018
I haven’t posted a true story about Cait’s adventures for awhile.

Let me tell you about the first time she was with a coworker.

Cait had been telling me about a guy from work she really wanted to be with. I told her to go for it and share every detail with me.

She was nervous at first but one Friday after work she asked J is he would like to go out for an after work drink. He agreed and they met at a bar at 5ish. Cait began flirting right away and J couldn’t keep his hands off of her.

Soon they agreed to go to his place.

Cait called me while she was driving to his place. I was soooooo hard. About two hours later she called me while driving home. Promising to tell me every detail.

I couldn’t wait until she got home. When she finally arrived we ran to the bedroom. During hot sex I could smell him on her and her pussy was full of his cum. We spent hours in bed.

After that they met up many more times and then it ended when he felt bad for his GF.
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