Cheated a little bit last night


Oct 1, 2017
Xmas eve at my family's always includes plenty of drinking. Last night the boys went downstairs to my dad's "man room" to drink. All except my twat of a cousin's poor husband who wanted to go hang out with the guys but his crazy wife told him she wants him to stay with her (she did baby talk which drives me absolutely insane!). So he stayed upstairs with the girls and drank while we watched a horrible movie called Krampus. Us girls went thru some wine and either went to bed or passed out wherever they were watching the movie. I had a big blanket over me on the couch with my bitchy cousin on the other side and her husband in the middle. She got pretty drunk and passed out so I decided to get a little crazy and rubbed his cock under the blanket. He jumped before he realized what I was doing then unzipped for me. I jerked him off while my bitch cousin slept next to him. It was pretty fucking hot. I must say I'm pretty proud of it but can't even brag to anyone so lll do it here!