Confused shall I or shouldn't I


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Jun 1, 2016
Hey!! I have a question I'm about 21 years old ,and I have a fiance, we make out often but never had the actual sex but once while making out and playing her, and since I always fantsize about her with other men and me watching and she humtalting I told her one of these fantasies as if it was a dream I had while making out , and when I was telling her what was i thinking, I asked shall I continue is said yes in a horny sound and pulled my head right in between her legs to suck as I was telling her how she is playing with another man's cock and looking staright at me while doing it, but afyer we finished she had orgasm I wanted to talk about it she cut me out and she seems to love it while we were doing it ,but after we finished she didn't talk about it or anything and btw she's not slutty or anything like this she loves me so much and she is very decent , mostly she will refuse but I have most of the time fantasies about it but I don't know shall I talk to her about this or not or shall we enter a cuckold relation or not ? And I'm afraid of telling her and she likes to much to never care about me anymore what shall I do please someone help ? And do you think she likes the idea of cuckolding me ?? I would lime that to happen and not too, but mostly I wanna tLk about these things while we are having sex . So any ideas please ? mostly looking for women's opinion .
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