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Dec 19, 2016
The other day, when we met up with one of our friends, both he and my wife insisted they wanted to watch me do this same thing after they fucked. At first i was kind of reluctant, though still stiff from seeing him pound my wife, but i accepted, and although it felt so good to me, they ended up fucking a few more times as they saw me. Definitely good times!!
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Aug 7, 2018
Tampa, FL
Started as young newlyweds when wife and I would allow a high school boy to hang out at our apartment and pool. Wife was 5'4", 120 with nice firm tits and a great sexy ass. She would expose herself innocently, in the apartment, when he'd join us at a restaurant or we'd go to one of his football or basketball games, by not wearing a bra beneath a loose fitting blouse and would find ways to expose her tits - all he had to do was peak down her blouse when she bent over or through the side of her blouse when she raised her arms for something. She would wear a micro bikini at the pool and let him put sun tan lotion on her. Very early in the friendship it was obvious he was excited and would look for ways to steal a peek. I'd watch him - from the apartment window - put lotion on her at the pool. He was pretty bold from the very beginning and she reacted a lot more than I anticipated. I was so turned on watching him put his hands on her body but was more turned on as I watched her spread her legs to give his hand access to her entire leg or when she'd loosen her bikini top and he would catch a feel. We'd have the best sex afterwards - my wife was quite the kinkster even as a very young bride.