Cuckold in Training

Jul 10, 2018
Hello Members,
Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction!
I am a Cuckold in Training. My Wife is interested in the Mistress/Slave style relationship. I have long thought about being locked in Chastity for her and desire to be her Slave. We have played for up to two months and she has been with 2 other men, while I was locked up.
I enjoy the sensation, of being locked up and the intense/overwhelming desire to f*ck her sweet pussy as time passes.

This time however; the caveat in the current sinero is; while she is bi (she has no issues with having a man and is interested in that too), she prefers a female partner and has had trouble finding a match recently.
I will be signing an new contract with her as her Slave soon, for an unknown time frame.

Please offer any comments, suggestions, ideas to the above summary and the below questions.

1. How best for me to be a good Slave.
2. Where she might look to find a same sex partner and possibly a male too.
3. Are there basics rules the Slave should follow e.t. Non-negotiable things?

It’s great to find a forum such as this! Thanks again for your time!