Cuckolded before marriage

Dec 19, 2016
Last week my wife confessed to me that a few days before our marriage she had sex with one of her ex boyfriends who travelled from atlanta to va just to fuck her. At the time, i was staying at her parents’ house with her, and i remember to have bought her a see through mini night gown, crotchless sheer hose, and some heels to have some fun before our marriage, but the day after, she told me how her “mom found her stuff”, and told her we had to be respectful of her home. Turns out the next day she went to her cousin’s house to “buy some things” for the wedding, which was actually where she was meeting her ex, who told her they should escape together and leave me in VA. She told him she loved me, because i really took careof her, and did not cheat on her like he did, but accepted to let him fuck her. Ironically though, she used the clothes i bought for her, with him, and said he gave her one of the best fucks of her life that night, and said she had to tell him to wear a condom since he wanted to get her pregnant. She did not want him to breed her that night, since she wanted to make it seem as if she was “pure” before the wedding, and also did not want me to know she had cuckolded me. But it did not end there however. After that she came back to her parents house, where we were talking with a family friend who’s son also was previously engaged to my wife. When she saw him, they hugged and immediately exchanged numbers, and eventually, met up with him and fucked the night before our wedding. Finally, during our wedding night, my wife taunted me with wearing hosiery and bustier combo, but told me she was too tired. Come to find out, on our wedding day, she had sex with her ex again, without me knowing anything. That night i had to just go to sleep as i watched her and masturbated to the thought of her getting fucked by another man, not knowing my beautiful slutty wife was already enroute to making me a cuckold hubby!!
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