Day I found out I'm cuckold

Jul 30, 2017
Well it's finally happened that moment!
Last night my work colleague stayed over, he regularly does, and I have often found him staring at my women's ass, okay so I'm tony my friend and colleague is Mike and my other half is Rie, last night we were all getting rather merry, in fact on checking the bottle count this morning three bottles of red and three bottles of white! Rie was determined to get d***k! Which she duelly did, we have often fantasised about Mike, well Rie has and I found it a massive turn on, (I guess my fave videos show I'm no stranger to a little cuckolding) we would often be laid in bed and I would feed her the idea, after sex she would tell me that it will never happen! Anyway I kept saying we'll never say never, and then left the conversation, I never pushed it.

So last night Rie was feeling horny and Mike had already hit the sack, so I took advantage and me and Rie started to play, then out of the blue she said she wanted to be tied up! My head started working overtime and I started to plot our first threesome, okay so we head to the bed room and I took 4 of my ties out and tied her up legs apart and arms above her head on to the headboard, our bed is a frame type so very easy to tie to, anyway once tied I then blindfolded Her and asked her what she wanted, she said she wanted to be touched and not know how why were and when, I then said okay Mikes in her she sighed so slightly, I said he's going to touch you, with that I could see she was getting turned on, that's when I walked out of the bedroom waited and walked back in, (alone at this point as I was still testing the water) she had no idea at this point if Mike was in the room or not, I touched her I walked round the bed and touched her again, there was no doubt she was loving it, then that was it I took the courage to knock on Mikes door and invited him to the bedroom, now bear in mind we were all pretty d***k at this point, Mike fell out of bed. And walked towards our bedroom, all I heard him say was wow what's this, ? I laid next to Rie and pointed at her pussy and told him to touch her, she moaned and then I put my hands on her tits, at this point she let out a little squeal, she knew now that Mike was in the room! I asked her what she wanted she said, I want to be fucked, I looked at Mike and said okay mike fuck her, he moved up the bed and placed his bareback cock straight into her, I just watched in ore as I was wanking furiously, next think Rie said I need my legs and arms, I untied her and removed the blindfold, that was it they were clamped on each other's lips and he was pounding her, I suddenly realised I was cumming,, I let out my come in to my hand, I said I would leave them alone for a while. I came downstairs and I could here them going at it like they never had sex before, I went back upstairs to find Rie sucking his cock, he said he had too much wine and was struggling to cum, he went to bed and I continued with Rie, the mere thought of another cock been inside her drove me wild and I shot my load! AGAIN! we rolled over I was cuddling her and she said Mike didn't cum and how disappointed she was, she asked if it was her? I assured her it was the drink, then for some reason I cannot explain I said don't worry babe, he can finish of in the morning!

I set my phone alarm and off it went at 7am this morning! I started to play with ries pussy and she started to moan, I slipped my cock in and moved about for about 2-3 mins, then I pulled out went to mikes room knocked on his door and told him Rie is waiting for him! He looked shocked as now we were actually sober? I told him I would go put the kettle on and left him to go into the room, I sneaked upstairs and I opened the door slightly to find Rie bouncing up and down on him, I then heard him say I cannot cum, I saw Rie get off his cock and started to suck it like mad while pulling him, he said I'm going to cum, with that he shot up and laid Rie back down and pushed his cock in her he thrusted for about another 20 times before I saw him plant his mouth on hers and then say I'm cumming to Rie saying she was cumming, he shot is load right up her she gasped he kissed her more, I sneaked back downstairs until I heard him leave to the bathroom, then I shot up and walked in the bedroom, Rie was smiling saying he's done it! I said what she said he has cum inside me, I felt her pussy and it was full, I pushed my cock in her and she moved me sat on me and I was now fucking her already fucked and chummed in pussy! I must of lasted about 3 minutes before I filled her up!

Mike left for work and we continued, I poked her we both tasted the cum from her pussy, we kissed and we fucked again, this time she wanked while I did too she was calling Mikes name as she came again and again.

This is 100% true guys it's been the best night and morning ever, my cock needs a rest, Rie is sl**ping at the moment and I'm sat typing this!
If you have never tried it I recommend it, however the build up to it takes a long time, don't Rush her, don't pressure her, you will turn it round eventually , I know I did.
Jun 10, 2017
Midwest USA
First off Congratulations and welcome to the club!

I am very happy for you in the way it turned out how exciting for you. Repeating your advise a bit further don't push or rush her now that she has tried another gentlemen. Sometimes they need some time to work out their emotions afterwards which includes you as well. Some are thrilled and want to play with their new open marriage opportunity, she'll certainly let you know.

Anyway very exciting times and I know you want to shout to the world and tell everyone so I am glad you took the time to share with us. Best wishes to both of you going forward into the lifestyle.